Do Rabbits Like Exercise Balls & Wheels? {How They Could Hurt Your Rabbit}}

They say rabbits need 3-4 hours of exercise, but I don’t have that much free time. Do rabbits like exercise balls and wheels?

What toys can I give my rabbit for exercise and enrichment? How can my bunny exercise unsupervised? Are exercise wheels only for rodents?

In this article, we can find out and explore the topic, “Do Rabbits Like Exercise Balls & Wheels?”

Do Rabbits Like Exercise Balls & Wheels?

Rabbits enjoy keeping active play time outdoors or inside their enclosure. It is not necessary to give your rabbit an exercise wheel or ball. Most rabbits do not run on exercise wheels like rodents do. The angle on a rodent wheel flexes the spine of a rabbit in an unhealthy way.

Rabbits can enjoy chewing on a ball intended for them or other pets. It is not a substitute for running around and exercising either indoors or outside supervised with your accompaniment.

Rabbit should get 3-4 hours of exercise each day including chewing enrichment toys that can be provided through playful activity including a ball.

Do Rabbits Like Exercise Wheels?

Rabbits do not use exercise wheels. You can prove me wrong by showing me videos of your own rabbit enjoying an exercise wheel. This is an activity intended mostly for rodents.

The reason why is because the spines of rodents are more flexible than rabbits. The spine of a rabbit is too long for a wheel to accommodate it.

You might be doing more harm than good if you’re trying to force a rabbit on an exercise wheel. Keep your rabbit on the ground and allow him or her to move actively instead.

Do Rabbits Like Playing With Balls?

Yes. Pet shops sell activity balls intended for rabbits. You can check them out next time you visit the pet store.

Rabbits will use these balls to nudge, chew or toss them around in their enclosure or during exercise time. Make sure these exercise balls are made of non-toxic materials before allowing your bunny to play with them.

What Do Rabbits Like to Play With in Their Cage?

Rabbits will play with just about anything we offer them. This is why we should make sure that they are safe materials. Let’s start with simply giving them untreated straw, wicker balls or even plastic flower pots.

There are baby toys like key rings, rattles, stacking cups and caterpillar toys that rabbits can play with as well. Visit the pet shop next time you are there to pick up pellets or hay and look to see what kind of toys are available.

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What Kind of Balls Can Rabbits Play With?

There are different kinds of exercise balls available for rabbits to play with. There are some that look like a maze with a bell in the center. Any ball that is non-toxic will work.

Your rabbit might actually enjoy a wooden clothespin more than a ball. This is due to the fact that they can chew on it much easier than getting their mouths around an entire ball.

Make sure that the wood is untreated and avoid any type of cedar or pine. Cardboard boxes with holes can also work as well.

Are Wheels Good for Rabbits?

No. We do not recommended an exercise wheel for a rabbit. There may not be exercise wheels made technically for rabbit. You could try to create a larger sized wheel.

Keep in mind that the spine of your rabbit is not as flexible as other rodents who enjoy exercise wheels. You will have to create one that is wider and much longer.

A rabbit does not naturally move well on an exercise wheel that could cause injury with forced activity.

Giant Exercise Ball for Rabbits

There are extremely large exercise balls on the market intended for pets. They give rabbits a chance to push them and move them around as they practice their coordination and exercise outside of their enclosures.

These balls are helpful for rabbits to run around, but cannot fit inside their hutch. It’s an addition to control movement and rabbit enrichment. Oversized exercise balls are completely optional and could be fun for you as well.

Can Rabbits Use a Treadmill?

No. A rabbit would feel the stress from the constant movement of a treadmill. Rabbits do not respond while by being placed on treadmills. Do not perform this.

Rabbits are not built for aerobic activity that is sustained. They must stay in control of their own movement. Forcing a rabbit to follow the pace of exercise machine such as a treadmill is not recommended.

How Long Should a Rabbit Get Exercise?

It is recommended that rabbits get 3 to 4 hours of exercise per day. They can do so inside their hutch, and during secure outdoor runs. The more exercise time a rabbit can have the better.

The outdoor setting must be safe and we recommend setting up a perimeter fenced off area that is safe and prevents them from escaping.

Shaded areas are recommended and any area that is not frequented by predators will help to keep these vulnerable animals comfortable, enriched and well exercised.

How Do I Get My Lazy Rabbit to Exercise?

  • ramps
  • bucket of hay
  • boxes
  • tubes
  • maze
  • obstacle course
  • chew toys
  • balls

Some rabbits are just plain old lazy. With older age and heavier weights, some rabbits do not want to perform any type of exercise. Try to help these rabbits by giving them ramps to run on or a bucket of hay to jump inside.

Rabbits can also climb boxes and scroll through cardboard tubes. Create a rabbit maze and motivate this rabbit who like to eat with food treats at the end of successful completion of exercise sessions.

You can also give a rabbit chew toys that you can place inside their enclosure for hours of enrichment and exercise.

What Happens if Rabbits Don’t Get Exercise?

Exercise is important for rabbits to maintain their bone structure and a healthy overall physique. Without exercise, a rabbit could become:

  • lethargic
  • bored
  • obese
  • brittle
  • diabetic

The harder it is for obese rabbits to move, the more health problems could emerge from a lowered immune system to digestive issues.

Why Does My Bunny Just Lay Around All Day?

A rabbit that is getting older will slow down activity and lay out for most of the day. This usually happens when a rabbit reaches about eight years in age.

It is normal and part of aging for rabbits to become  grumpy when they are forced exercise as often as they used to. Sometimes rabbits will become lazy or inattentive to people who have left them in cages all day with nothing to enrich themselves with.

Add more hay and chew toys or give your a rabbit a partner to enjoy life at the later stages in their development.

How to Find Time to Get Your Rabbit to Exercise

Some people just do not have enough time to exercise with their rabbits. Since rabbits need about 3 to 4 hours a day, this is sometimes out of the question for people with busy schedules.

This is why you can create exercises and schedules for your rabbit to enjoy without you around. Make sure that you use a pet fence, create safe spaces and a ball or other toys to help them move actively.

A rabbit can nudge and toss balls and roll wheels, but they should not be running inside rodent wheels that requires them to flex their spine in an unnatural way.

How to Give a Rabbit a New Toy

When rabbits are given a new toy, they will inspect it, smell it or chew on it. Rabbits get bored quickly and will need toys or enrichment tools to keep busy. You can rotate old toys with new ones.

If the old toys are still in good shape, do not throw them away. They can be reintroduced later on. Giving a rabbit a new toy will help to improve their mood and uplift them.

Some toys are not intended for rabbits and can be more hazardous. A rabbit should not be forced to run on a wheel intended for rodents. This is because their spines cannot flex the way they do in rodents.

Encourage your rabbit to play with new toys by offering a treat as a praise at the same time. The toy can be associated with a reward.

How to Buy Balls and Wheels for Your Rabbit

When looking for exercise balls or wheels for a rabbit, make sure that they are untreated, and soft for a rabbit to chew on.

Do not buy an exercise wheel intended for rodents. Some rabbit wheels may exist on the market, but they should not be smaller than 15 inches in diameter. This means that they might not fit inside the enclosure.


Rabbits have an incredible amount of energy to spend throughout the day. They can become lethargic and lazy if they are not exercising. They have a lot of energy that can be used in a negative way from gnawing on furniture to boredom or depression.

Their bone structure and internal systems require them to be active for at least 3 to 4 hours a day. This means that they can spend time with chew toys, playpens or obstacle courses throughout the day.

The more time you can spend exercising with your rabbit, the closer the bond that you create together while helping to build up the overall health and longevity of your furry companion.


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