How High Can a Jack Rabbit Jump? {How Do They Do It?}

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How High Can a Jack Rabbit Jump?

Jack rabbits can be identified by their really long ears compared to many other breeds. A jack rabbit can leap about 4-6 feet in height and 10 feet in length.

They can move at 40 miles per hour to escape predators. You may also notice the fur of a jack rabbit change color through the seasons. They are usually 2 feet long on average and have a stubby tail that measures around 3-4 inches.

Most rabbits can jump about 2 feet high and a jack rabbit can easily double that.

How Do Jack Rabbits Jump Over A Fence?

Jack rabbits are the highest jumping rabbits out there in the lagomorph world. They can use their front legs in a way that stiffens up and their back legs swell up for that kinetic burst of a leap we are accustomed to seeing.

The muscles in the hindquarters ignite as they exert exceptional force to reach heights that other rabbits cannot. Average jackrabbits reach heights of 4 feet, but some can clear 6 feet or higher in a single leap.

Average Jumping Height Of Jack Rabbits

Jack rabbits clear a height of 4 feet on average. The habitat and size of each jack rabbit are two factors that allow them to reach higher heights in other instances.

6 feet high jumps are noticed when there is enough flat space with clearance overhead and plenty of room for escape.

Jack rabbits use this incredible jumping ability to flee territories that are threatened by predators because they are not as good at running longer distances compared to many other smaller bunnies.

The average hop of a jack rabbit is about 1.5 feet when there is no threat or need to reach a standard leaping height. They can also be measured at clearing a distance of 10 feet in length, but this is an exception and only necessary when the need arises.

What Predators Hunt Jackrabbits?

Jack rabbits are easily hunted from overhead birds of prey who can spot them and cannot resist the meal if they are successful.

While jack rabbits can jump high to avoid land predators, they are victims of attack from above from:

  • Hawks
  • Owls
  • Eagles

The talons of such magnificent birds can easily latch onto a rabbit and pick them up. In many cases they drop them from greatest distances to kill them and swoop down to pick them up again for a feast.

Jack rabbits can escape predators on the ground with their leaping ability amongst other sensations and movements that spot these threats. Some animals include:

  • Coyotes
  • Foxes
  • Wild dogs
  • Feral cats
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How Far Can a Rabbit Fall Without Getting Hurt?

It’s very hard to determine which rabbit breed we are talking about in terms of landing safely from a fall from a great height. I would not try this at home without soft landing spots.

A rabbit can usually land from 3-4 feet above on a hard surface without getting injured. Some rabbits will get hurt if they land improperly or have weaker bones at younger or older stages in their life.

Many factors come into play. It’s best to have a home where soft landing spots like carpets, rugs, or cushions are available for them to jump down safely from tables to sofas.

The jump might be successful, but your bunny could feel stress after such an encounter. I would not attempt to find out the answer to this question on your own with any of your bunnies.

Can Wild Rabbits Jump Higher Than Domestic Rabbits?

Yes. When measuring the height and distances of rabbit jumps, studies indicate that wild rabbits can jump better, longer and higher.

They need to save their lives from coyotes or foxes and some have been observed to clear heights over 10 feet in threatening circumstances.

The average jump will be around 2 feet for most wild rabbits while a jack rabbit could jump higher and longer with their powerful hindquarters and muscles.

How High Can a Wild Rabbit Jump

Wild rabbits are known for their impressive jumping abilities. On average, a wild rabbit can jump vertically up to 1 meter (3 feet) and horizontally up to 3 meters (10 feet). However, these distances can vary depending on the species of rabbit and the individual rabbit’s size, strength, and agility.

Rabbits have powerful hind legs that enable them to generate significant jumping force. They use this skill to escape from predators, navigate obstacles, and reach food sources. They are also capable of making quick and agile movements while jumping, allowing them to change direction mid-air.

It’s important to note that these jumping abilities are typically observed in wild rabbits. Pet rabbits may not possess the same level of athleticism or have the same instinctive need to jump as their wild counterparts.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Over A Garden Fence?

If you have a garden fence that is only 2-3 feet in height, expect that a rabbit can jump over it and eat what you have growing.

Jack rabbits can clear heights of 24 inches or more. It’s going to be very difficult to set a standard height for garden fences to prevent these rabbits jumping over.

The best method would be to place a mesh cover over the garden tied to posts on each corner. This would secure your garden from birds overhead or rabbits that can clear fence heights of 4-6 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How far can a rabbit jump?

The powerful hind limbs of rabbits enable them to make long leaps. Although it’s unclear how high they can jump,

  • they can clear 2 feet (0.6 m) and potentially even 4 feet (1.2 m).
  • Rabbits are capable of horizontal leaps up to 9 ft (2.7 m).

2. How high can a baby rabbit jump?

Rabbits that are young won’t be able to jump as high. According to experts, bunnies between 2-3 months old may leap up to 2 feet. Bunnies won’t have many opportunities to move about if they stay in their cage or hutch, which may hinder their ability to jump.

3. How high can mini lops jump?

Mini lops have been known to clear fences that are 4 feet tall and there isn’t much more evidence to suggest they can do more than that.

4. How high can a lion head rabbit jump?

Some breeds of lion head rabbits are said to jump a little bit higher than others. For instance, a lion head rabbit escaped from a pen with 28-inch-tall (71-cm) fencing, while other rabbits jumped over a 29-inch-tall (74-cm) clearance.


The ability of a jackrabbit to leap is influenced by a number of variables, including its weight, size, and how simple or tough the terrain is.

Nonetheless, jackrabbits can generally jump up to six feet high and 10 feet across, so they can readily hop over barriers like fences.


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