Can You Use Newspaper for Rabbit Bedding? {Best Rabbit Bedding Alternatives}}

Uh oh. We just ran out of rabbit bedding. I’m asking myself, can you use newspaper for rabbit bedding?

I check online, but I can’t find the best answers. I diver deeper and pull out great information from members of the rabbit community that we all belong to. Now it’s time to share them with you.

What do rabbits like to sleep on? In this article we will look closer at rabbit bedding, but specifically figure out if or can you use newspaper for rabbit bedding?

Can You Use Newspaper for Rabbit Bedding?

The ink on the newspaper is the issue here and we don’t want our rabbits coming into contact with it, even if it’s vegetable based ink.

Rabbits eat off their bedding and could ingest some of this harmful or unnatural ink. Digestion issues or sudden death can result.

Newspapers would be better suited for the litter box instead of bedding, but we can’t even advise that without rabbits munching or gnawing on just about anything. Newspapers are not even that absorbent and should be recycled for another purpose.

What Can I Use Instead of Newspaper for Rabbits?

Instead of resorting to newspaper for rabbit paper, look at other cleaner paper based options such as:

  • Recycled paper compressed into absorptive pellets
  • Shredded paper (we love our paper shredder)
  • Aspen shavings
  • Compressed sawdust pellet bedding
  • Commercially sold rabbit bedding

Can I Use a Towel for Rabbit Bedding?

A towel cannot be used as the sole type of bedding for rabbits, but is a welcome addition for added comfort. You can introduce a towel and a blanket as well for your rabbit to be extra comfortable.

Keep in mind that you are adding to the regular cleaning and maintenance of your rabbit’s enclosure with these additions.

Towels and blankets can get soiled and smell foul really quickly. Paper bedding or aspen shavings are absorbent and can easily be tossed out.

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What Do Rabbits Like to Sleep On?

Rabbits love to sleep on soft bedding. You can consider lining the bottom of the cage with paper based bedding, cardboard or even fleece. Fleece requires more cleaning if you wish, but I prefer to use paper that can be tossed and replaced.

Rabbits like to nestle into their favorite food which is hay. They can eat and rest at the same time. Hay is soft and fun to roll around in. You can get used to giving your rabbit hay from a rack and putting in hay as part of the bedding.

Hay can be bought or grown. We started growing our own and we’re surprised at how easy it has become for us to supply our rabbits with this soft and comfy staple food and bedding supplement.

Do Rabbits Eat Their Bedding?

Rabbits explore the world by chewing through it. Their constantly growing teeth require them to constantly chew or gnaw on whatever is in front of them in most cases.

They find joy and enrichment in this activity. Their teeth will be filed down by chewing on their bedding as well. This bedding should not block their intestines because some of it is bound to end up being ingested.

This is why clay based or clumping styles of bedding and litter are not recommended. Newspaper bedding is considered toxic due to the ink printed on it. Shredded paper works well in many cases, but add some hay and chew toys for added comfort and chewing fun.

What Makes Good Rabbit Bedding?

Rabbits are unique in their species, age, gender and individual quirky behavior. There is not a one size fits all solution for bedding to suit the needs of all rabbits perfectly.

If your rabbit is not enjoying the bedding you are using, they will let you know. You may find the bedding soiled or your rabbit is off to the side and not using it for comfort and rest.

Try the following tips. Use bedding that is:

  • Made of soft materials
  • Absorbent
  • Different from what you are using for litter
  • Safe (no newspaper ink)
  • Flexible
  • Temperature balanced (not too hot or too cold)
  • Environmentally friendly (you’ll be going through a lot it and tossing out bedding should not be too much of a burden to the environment as well)

You will be tailor making bedding with the use of one or more of these items from paper to hay along with aspen shavings or more items. You may have to change it up as your bunny grows older and desires more comfort.

Is Newspaper Bedding Toxic?

Nowadays, most newspaper companies are using vegetable ink for their publications. This makes the ink less problematic for your rabbits to ingest accidentally when they are gnawing on their bedding.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of better options to consider instead of newspapers. Laminate coating and overall production facilities that handle newspapers are not designed for the sensitive digestive system of rabbits.

It is up to us to choose safer, paper based material for rabbit bedding and let these companies focus on putting out newspapers for us only.

Is It OK to Use Shredded Paper for Rabbit Bedding?

Shredded paper is probably the most popular DIY option for rabbit bedding. You may notice shredders in many homes where there are rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters present.

Shredded paper is a base for bedding. It is a great option because it’s:

  • Soft and absorbent
  • Warm, but not too hot
  • Cheap and easy to obtain
  • Voluminous and expanding
  • Hygienic and smell resistant
  • Dries easily and economical
  • Eco-friendly and easy to recycle

We hope that your rabbit is comfortable and cozy on the bedding that you choose. When it comes to newspapers, let’s read them and recycle them for other purposes and let our rabbits avoid global matters so they can play, munch and rest in good health.


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