Can Rabbits Climb Trees, Fences, Walls, and Stairs? {How High?}

Rabbits are not your average superhero. Can rabbits climb trees, fences, walls and stairs?

Spiders, bats and even ants inspire superhero cartoons and movies, but are rabbits considered too delicate for that?

In this article, we will see how high rabbits can climb and if rabbits can climb trees, fences, walls and stairs.

Can Rabbits Climb Trees, Fences, Walls, and Stairs?

Yes to all of the above. Rabbits can use their limited grip to climb up and down staircases followed by low fences, but walls and trees might be a challenge.

The bones of a rabbit are sensitive and delicate and they should not be encouraged to climb elevations higher than 3 feet.

Can Rabbit Climb Walls?

Although most rabbits are not going to be able to climb a wall, if there are enough footholds and grips or ledges as leverage, then this is entirely possible.

There are videos of rabbits being able to climb fences, but according to some members of the rabbit community, walls are not out of the question either.

A rabbit that would be climbing the wall would be intensely stressed and would be doing so as a fight or flight response.

Rabbits enjoy climbing stairs and low elevations, but climbing a wall that is higher than 2-3 feet would probably be out of desperation only.

Can Bunny Rabbits Climb Trees?

Yes. Occasionally you might find rabbits climbing trees. If a rabbit can climb up a ramp and easily into its own hutch, then a tree with multiple footholds and grips might not be out of the question.

Climbing is a behavior that is common in rabbits who must be nimble enough to escape various predators from high and low. This is why rabbits are known to be able to climb fences and walls as well.

The only issue is that a rabbit falling off of a tree bark could get very hurt doing so because of their sensitive bones. We should not encourage this behavior.

Can Bunny Climb Stairs?

Yes. Rabbits may enjoy climbing up and down staircases at home. This is a common way to train or exercise indoor rabbits. If the staircase is carpeted, then it will be more fun and relaxing for a rabbit to do so.

Climbing stairs that are steep, hard, wooden or concrete could result in injuries. The limbs of a rabbit are delicate and could easily get hurt if this activity is not supervised.

It is always fun and encouraged to have play times where you bond together with your rabbit. Stand behind your rabbit when he or she is climbing up the stairs and be there for protection.

How High Can Rabbits Climb?

Rabbits can climb up vertical distances as high as 4 feet. We do not recommend anything higher than 3 feet. Landing spots that are softer would be more encouraged for exercise.

When rabbits are trying to climb up stairs or fencing, they can also climb up furniture as well. They can get on:

  • shelves
  • footstools
  • chairs
  • beds
  • coffee tables
  • sofas

Healthy rabbits that are young and active do not necessarily feel any type of danger or hesitation when they test their climbing abilities.

It is up to us as their favorite human to support them while they exercise vertically when they are trying to test their limits.

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How High Should Fence Be for Rabbits?

A rabbit fence should be at least 2 feet high. Fencing at this level does not guarantee that a rabbit will not be able to climb over.

If you would wish to strongly discourage your rabbit from climbing a fence, we suggest making it at least four feet high or consider the opposite situation as well. If your rabbit is able to climb 2 feet, then there’s a chance that he or she would like to test the limits of 4 feet as well.

Landing over a 2 foot fence would be tolerable for a rabbit with delicate bones, but a 4 foot fence would put your rabbit at risk of getting hurt when being unable to stick the landing.

The idea for fencing is to protect your rabbit against predators and encourage your favorite companion to remain in this environment where shelter, food and protection are better than anywhere else.

Do Rabbits Like Heights?

Do rabbits like high places? I don’t think so. The evidence supports the fact that rabbits prefer to keep all four feet on the ground. Standing on their hind legs is an act of defense.

Climbing up fences or trees is an act of desperation in most cases for a rabbit attempting to flee a potential threat. Rabbits are prey and they do not need to climb up to reach high vantage points.

What they need to do is develop excellent digging skills to create underground tunnels and burrows as ultimate hiding places.

Are Bunnies Scared of Heights?

Bunnies are easily fearful because it helps them recognize potential threats and evade them as quickly as they can. A fear of heights is known as agoraphobia and you can assume that rabbits have this fear along with many others.

Picking up a bunny really quickly and raising him or her up into the air will cause intense panic or stress. A rabbit could begin to scratch or bite in an effort to be put back down. When you are playing or exercising with your rabbit, allow them to determine how high is too high.

Always be there to support your rabbit if they are attempting to climb up the stairs or objects that are lower than 3 feet. Anything higher than that is considered too dangerous for a rabbit to climb.

Can Rabbits Climb Brick Walls?

A brick wall could allow for some stepping stones or footholds, but they would have to be arranged in such a way for a rabbit to be able to climb higher than 4 feet.

Anything higher than this and your rabbit would be looking for something to stand on or latch onto such as:

  • vines
  • awnings
  • scaffolding
  • ledges 

Walls provide similar challenges to rabbits as trees. In theory, a rabbit is capable of climbing a wall. If they launch themselves high enough, they can scramble away.

Do Wild Rabbits Climb?

Yes. Wild rabbits can climb trees, but this is something they rarely do. It is not a fun activity for a rabbit to try to climb a tree. They might be doing so to evade a possible threat or to search for food.

This is a last resort step for a rabbit who can easily and usually find food on the ground level. If there is a lack of nutrients or food sources available on the ground or under it, a rabbit will be desperate enough to attempt to climb a tree.

Their bones are way too delicate for this act to be a common one. They can easily get hurt if they fall.

Do Rabbits Like to Climb?

Rabbits are commonly born, raised and live in warrens under the soil. Rabbits do not enjoy climbing unless it’s safe and not too high above the ground.

The only reason why a captive and comfortable rabbit would enjoy this is because they are naturally curious and enjoy exploration. Otherwise, climbing would be considered an act of:

  • evasion
  • stress
  • discomfort

Can Rabbits Climb Wire Fences?

Yes. You can find many videos online of rabbits climbing wire fences. Maybe this happened in your own backyard and it may have shocked you.

It is not uncommon for a rabbit to climb fences if they can find a foothold. A rabbit would probably prefer to dig underneath the fence if possible.

A rabbit doesn’t need to climb if the fence is 2 feet or lower. You might even find a rabbit able to jump over this clearing instead. With enough momentum, rabbits can leap over fences, footstools or other objects that are in the way.

Can Rabbits Climb Down?

Not well. While it is entirely possible for rabbits to climb up, they are not able to climb down safely. This puts them in a potentially hazardous situation where they have to either hop down or wait to be rescued.

A rabbit has very sensitive and fragile bones that can easily break if he or she chooses to drop down from a distance of 3 feet or higher. Keep your eye on your little climber and make sure that you are supporting this type of exercise.

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How Do Rabbits Climb Walls?

A wall would have to have plenty of footholds or some shelving, but not be too high for a rabbit to be able to climb over it. A rabbit’s needs forward momentum by hopping onto a wall then over to another surface.

Rabbits are nimble and able to launch themselves and scramble out of the way when they notice a potential threat. Without momentum and footholds, rabbits would not be able to climb a wall.

Can Rabbits Go Down The Stairs?

It’s common for a rabbit to climb up the stairs but can they go back down? You will have to be there for your rabbit and support this activity. This is like an obstacle course for a rabbit.

If the stairs are pure wood or tile, they can be slippery. If a rabbit loses his or her footing while trying to climb down the stairs, there could tumble all the way down.

This is why you have to be there when your rabbit is performing this type of exercise. Your rabbit may misjudge the distance on the way down and decide to hop instead of carefully lowering their body.

Can Rabbits Climb Ladders?

A rabbit would not be able to climb conventional ladders used by painters or construction workers. There are however, ladders design for rabbits. They can be placed inside enclosures. They look like ramps with rungs on them.

There are different kinds of designs, but they are meant for rabbits to remain safe as they apply their curiosity in a contained and captive space.

There are usually holes between each step as another safety precautions to make sure that rabbits do not lose their footing while climbing up the ladders.

Can Rabbits Go Up Ramps?

Yes. A ramp is a great idea to provide a rabbit with enriching exercises in or out of the home. There are different kinds of hutches that even contain ramps inside it. This is a safe way for a rabbit to understand different types of levels in the home.

You can place the ramp next to sofas and footstools as well. You can create obstacle courses as well. The rabbit community around us and all over the world recommend using ramps based on their stories and experiences.

It is encouraged for you to be there and support your rabbit while they learn to climb up and down these ramps. You can provide support and treat praises as well.

Should I Give My Rabbit Climbing Toys?

Some rabbits exhibit higher curiosity ranges than others and may wish to start climbing unsafe locations. This is why you might want to consider getting climbing toys such as ladders designed for rabbits.

Check what your pet store is offering online and in the shop. Speak to a representative and find out if you can purchase any other types of climbing toys besides ladders.

You can also investigate DIY videos that show you items and devices you can create for rabbits to become enriched as they learn different heights and navigate their way through them with your support and protection.


Every rabbit is going to be expressing or displaying unique characteristics and behaviors. Some rabbits will be way too stubborn to attempt to climb stairs or special rabbit ladders designed for them.

Do not force your rabbit to do any of these activities if they do not wish to do so. Some rabbits might actually need to be discouraged because they are so curious and would like to climb everywhere.

It is up to you to support, provide protection and be vigilant about the safety measures in place to make sure that rabbits do not climb heights that are too dangerous for them. The landing should be soft no matter if they are attempting to climb up stairs, fencing, walls or trees higher than 2-3 feet.


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