How Long Do Rabbits Sleep at Night? {How To Help Rabbits Sleep}

I hear my rabbits stirring as I try to sleep. How long do rabbits sleep at night?

Am I the only one who gets woken up by her rabbits? Would you like to join me and find out some tips to help your rabbits sleep better?

In this article, I’ll explain rabbits sleeping patterns and much more to help all of us get a good night’s rest.

How Long Do Rabbits Sleep at Night?

Rabbits sleep at different times of the day. They are crepuscular animals that will duck down and rest around noon and midnight at their deepest while dusk and dawn are their most active periods.

Overall, the amount of time a rabbit sleeps will be about 8 hours, but this will be done in spurts. The more comfortable your rabbit is, the more likely they will sleep longer throughout the night.

You can expect your rabbit to stir around and wake up before you. They will much on some hay and rummage around in their hutch. Allow me to explain more rabbit activities through the night while you are asleep in this article below.

Do Bunnies Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Yes. Just because your rabbit has their eyes open, they could be asleep. This is a developed defense mechanism from centuries in the wild where they need to be alert with possible predators lurking around and catching them off guard.

The advantage of sleeping with their eyes open are:

  • Looking like they are awake
  • Always being alert
  • Not worth the effort for predators

Most predators can’t last as long chasing a rabbit who is awake and alert for the race to escape. Predators want to catch their prey off guard and not use too much effort to catch smaller prey.

Do Rabbits Sleep at Night or Day?

Rabbits are crepuscular which means they will sleep at night and during the day. They are active at dusk and dawn and will look for something to do at this time from:

  • playing
  • eating
  • acting out destructively if they are bored

You might be hearing your rabbits all night and think they are nocturnal. Are rabbits nocturnal? No. This nighttime rummaging you are hearing is because the deepest portion of their sleep cycle is over and now they are active again.

The best time for a rabbit to sleep deeply is around noon and midnight where they enter REM sleep and are out like a light.

How Many Hours Do Baby Rabbits Sleep?

Baby rabbits sleep longer and more often than adults. This is obvious as their growing bodies require more sleep.

You can expect a baby bunny to sleep around 6-8 hours during the day as they prefer daytime over the night to get their rest.

At night, they will look for something to eat and possibly bother you or their hutch mates to poke them and demand attention or encourage them to play together.

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How To Help Your Rabbit Sleep

Rabbits tend to adapt to our routines very well around the house. They can rest when we rest, but that doesn’t mean they are asleep.

We can help bunnies fall asleep and remain that way for much longer with some of the following tips:

1. The bed should be comfortable

Make their nesting spot for the day and night as soft and comfortable as possible. Warmth, softness, cushy comforts give your rabbit the sense of security and stress-free feeling that allows them to relax their muscles and drift away.

2. Place their bed in a dark and quiet place

Too much foot traffic, noise from TVs and other activities, may hinder rabbits from getting the rest they need. They will be naturally curious at what is going on around them and won’t fall into a deeper rest that they require.

Set up a quiet and dark spot for them to have no visual stimuli for an uninterrupted night or day of rest. Since rabbits sleep in burrows, you can mimic that with a blanket covering if the daylight is too strong in the room they are located in.

3. Give them exercise

A tired bunny is going to sleep soundly. A rabbit that does not get enough time to play or exercise throughout the day will be restless.

They need your help to interact, run or hop a bit and explore the confines of the space you allow them to be active.

The same goes for dogs and rabbits with no exercise. Tire them out and you will have a better behaved rabbit who wants to go to bed when it’s time to sleep.

Do Rabbits Sleep the Entire Night?

No. Do not expect to say goodnight to your rabbits and see them fall asleep for the whole night the way we can . They will wake up many times throughout the night and will possibly eat a lot of hay or play.

This is because rabbits are crepuscular. They are going to enjoy their most energetic play at dawn and dusk.

The deepest sleep my rabbits get is around noon and midnight where I can see them peaceful with their eyes open or closed and letting go completely.

What Time Do Bunnies Go to Bed?

Rabbits like to sleep in the afternoons in most cases. They are more active or awake at dawn and will work themselves enough with activity to become tired again in the afternoon.

This also coincides with nature where afternoons get very hot and these burrowing animals will look to rest in a cool spot during this time. Bedtime at night follows dusk and could start around 7pm .

In my experience, my rabbits fall into their deepest sleep around 11pm and remain that way until I’m asleep as well.

Rabbits who don’t sleep a total of 8 hours a day and night are deprived and could face medical or behavioral difficulties as a result.

When Are Rabbits Most Alert?

Rabbits are often most awake between 4-9 am and 5-11pm in the evening. They are at their most energized at this time. The exact times might change according to the season, where you are located and the nature of each rabbit.

Rabbits also have two distinct periods of sleep. The first nap takes place between late morning and early afternoon, while the second one happens in the middle of the night. Your bunnies will spend the remaining time eating, sleeping, or resting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Do You Know When a Rabbit Is Sleeping?

A bunny will snooze either on its front, side, or in the loaf posture. It will cease moving its nose and will start breathing more slowly. It may snore and its ears will relax. Some bunnies wiggle while they are asleep. In the middle of the night and around noon, rabbits typically snooze soundly.

2. Why is my rabbit sleeping on side?

A rabbit that is lying on its side is often merely sleeping. They are not ill or in any way close to death. Instead, when they feel entirely secure in their surroundings, rabbits will sleep in this position. This is referred to as a bunny flop.


Rabbits sleep for an average of eight hours per day, much like humans. Rabbits take many short naps in addition to their two main naps, so they don’t get all of their sleep at once.


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