Can a Rabbit Live Alone? {3 Signs of a Lonely Rabbit}

My rabbit lives alone for now. He lost his partner a few months back and we have spent a lot of time working at home while keeping him close to us.

Can a rabbit live alone? How can you keep a single rabbit happy to prevent destructive behavior or depression?

In this article, we’ll look into keeping only one rabbit and what you can do to enrich their single life.

Can a Rabbit Live Alone?

Yes, but rabbits prefer to be around companions who will:

  • play with them
  • groom them
  • understand them
  • watch out for them

Since they live in large groups in the wild, if bunnies are left alone, they risk becoming lonely, unhappy, bored and destructive.

Keep at least 2 rabbits if you decide to keep one. But, you will have to take on the role of your rabbit’s partner if you don’t have the space, time, or money to raise two rabbits.

Is It Cruel To Keep One Rabbit?

No. Although they are sociable creatures, rabbits may experience loneliness just like humans. Most rabbits require and seek companionship with another rabbit.

Research has revealed that most rabbits would frequently prefer social engagement above food when given the choice between the two.

I advise raising rabbits in groups of two or more or clearing out a large part of your schedule each day to interact with your lovable pet.

When Is It Ok To Have One Rabbit?

There are some situations in which some rabbits could perform better on their own, for instance:

  • humans with plenty of time to spend with a rabbit
  • an abandoned pet rabbit
  • bullying suffered from other rabbits
  • bunnies with a history of poor social connections
  • a very small percentage of pet rabbits simply dislike being among other rabbits.

A single rabbit may live contentedly if they engage in lots of social interactions with their people.

What Happens When A Rabbit Is Lonely?

Bored rabbits are lonely rabbits. A bored rabbit may act out in the following ways:

1. Destructive behavior

Chewing is a normal behavior, but a lonely or bored rabbit could gnaw on their own body, the hutch, the toys, or other undesirable objects. It could hurt your rabbit in addition to ruining the things that were chewed.

2. Fur pulling

In addition to overgrooming, hair pulling, and other repeated negative actions are displayed from a rabbit who is lonely or bored Diseases Caused by Stress

3. Stress and Illness

Both humans and bunnies experience discomfort from loneliness. Rabbits are naturally a little tense because they are predatory animals. In addition to stress-related health issues, loneliness can result in GI stasis.

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Can A Rabbit Live With A Guinea Pig?

We love our rabbits and guinea pigs, but we would not put them together. Here’s why:

Guinea pigs and rabbits can get along well. They cannot become pregnant by one another and their housing needs are comparable.


  • Guinea pigs require a diet rich in vitamin C. A rabbit will become unwell from such a diet.
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica causes potentially dangerous respiratory illness in guinea pigs and it can be carried by rabbits.
  • Even though they can live in harmony, guinea pig and rabbit communication are highly unlikely.
  • Rabbits have strong hind legs, fangs, and claws that make them capable of inflicting major injury on guinea pigs.

Even harsh play can harm a guinea pig. The majority of experienced pocket pet caregivers advise against keeping guinea pigs and rabbits together.

Can A Rabbit Be Happy With Only Humans?

Yes, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and time when you are the sole partner to your rabbit. Simply saying “hello” once a day and leaving your bunny in the hutch with a few toys is insufficient.

If you have a single bunny, it is your responsibility to meet its social requirements. To keep your rabbit from feeling lonely:

  • play with them frequently
  • make sure they receive adequate exercise
  • spend plenty of time with them

Spend time inside your rabbit’s line of sight. When you are in the backyard, move your rabbit hutch closer.

Think about relocating your rabbit hutch into a location in the house where people spend a lot of time, such the living room. As the family gathers for evening activities, let them run about freely or in a puppy enclosure.

How To Help A Lonely Rabbit

A lonely rabbit could become agitated and too active. They might act destructively by chewing on the carpets and other furnishings, for example. Rabbits who are lonely could overeat and pull at their fur.

Allow your rabbit at least one hour every day to spend outside of its cage. Play with him or her for a while on the floor at your own level. Rabbits like digging, tossing objects into the air, and knocking things over.

Pat your bunny on the back, cheeks, and forehead. It is preferable to do this after a meal when they are feeling calm. If you don’t want a second rabbit, you may make your rabbit feel less lonely by being a human buddy.

Why Is My Rabbit Sad?

A negative shift in your rabbit’s behavior might mean a number of things:

  • They are alone
  • They’re suffering or ill.
  • They don’t exercise enough
  • They don’t consume the correct foods.
  • Their living circumstances are not ideal.
  • They are mourning the passing of a friend.

Owners of bunnies become accustomed to the “thump” that a disgruntled animal may make, but if the rabbits are acting listless, unwilling to move, and hiding out all day, it may be cause for concern.

Signs of a sad rabbit

  • When confined in a hutch, they will chew on the cage bars.
  • A change in eating or bathroom habits
  • pulling at their fur
  • excessive or nonexistent grooming
  • circling or pacing up and down repeatedly
  • biting
  • a lack of enthusiasm and interest

You may also use your rabbit’s ears as a useful indicator. The more the ears slide back, the more uncomfortable the rabbit is.

Can Loneliness Kill a Rabbit?

No.  Veterinarians will never record “loneliness” as the cause of death for a rabbit. Nevertheless, loneliness and stress has the power to kill a rabbit.

A stressed-out rabbit’s condition will deteriorate. The heart of a rabbit is as weak as her or his tiny skeleton. Stress might speed up other health issues or trigger cardiac arrest.

Boredom develops when rabbits are isolated. Rabbits like playing and interacting. If necessary, you can assist them in doing this. Yet, he or she would like to do it with another rabbit much more.

Can A Rabbit Live Alone After One Dies?

Yes. A link formed between two rabbits is typically permanent.  Usually, a single rabbit outlives the other. It’s thought that rabbits have a basic awareness of death.

Initially, your bunny could even appear cheerful. Grief affects bunnies in a similar way to how it affects people.

A rabbit acclimated to live in a couple is unlikely to ever be entirely content on its own again, yet rabbits can be happy singles if they have enough human company.

A grieving rabbit will occasionally accept a new mate right away, even the day after its deceased companion passed away in rare instances. Due to the difficulty of replacing a bonded partner, the bonding process may take some time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How long can a rabbit survive by itself?

Rabbits should never be left alone for longer than 24 hours. A rabbit risks dying if it goes 24 hours without eating.

The ideal amount of time without you is 8 to 12 hours, if they have a friend, a place to exercise, and food to eat. Bunnies that are kept alone or who require extra care and attention do best when left for no more than 3-6 hours.

2. Can rabbits have nighttime loneliness?

Your rabbit will likely feel lonely at night. Even with some company or if you only have one rabbit, they will still feel lonely at night or when you are away at work or asleep in another room.

3. Are rabbits solitary animals in the wild?

Rabbits have adapted to live in packs. Rabbits do not live alone in the wild. Because companion rabbits are physiologically identical to their wild counterparts, they have a strong urge to be maintained with other rabbits.

4. Is having one or two bunnies preferable?

Rabbits normally benefit from the company of other rabbits, with the exception of the occasional renegade rabbit that prefers the lonely life.

With a partner, they are frequently much happy and content. Rabbits are not all that dissimilar from us in that they experience boredom and even depression, and they frequently express these emotions through destructive behavior.


No two rabbits are alike. We can generalize bunny behavior from what evidence we gather in our homes and through research conducted with pet rabbits and those in the wild.

We’re talking about very social creatures who prefer the company of their own species. We can substitute that company with a lot of time and effort, but replacing another rabbit with a human or acting like a rabbit is not possible.

Allow your single rabbit into your family and spend massive amounts of time together to prevent a single rabbit from being lonely or depressed.


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