How to Take Your House Rabbit Outside Safely {How Cold Is Too Cold For Rabbits?}?}

Rabbits need exercise and mental stimulation as well. Taking them outdoors for some sunshine and playtime sounds like a good time. Do you need to know how to take your house rabbit outside safely?

Can house rabbits survive outside? When is it too cold for rabbits? Am I the only one that wants to take my rabbit out for a walk?

In this article, we will find out how to take your house rabbit outside safely.

How to Take Your House Rabbit Outside Safely

You indoor rabbits can go outside, but be aware of the elements. Find shelter from the wind and a covered area away from possible rain is best.

Keep them safe from predators and consider a leash or a caged area for your rabbit to feel secure. Temperatures under 38 degrees Fahrenheit might become too cold while many rabbits who are cold weather animals by nature can withstand winter conditions all the way down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay safe and keep a distance from vehicles. Free-roaming in an enclosed or fenced off area would be more appropriate for a rabbit than a leash or harness.

Do Rabbits Like Being Taken Outside?

Domesticated indoor rabbits have never learned how to enjoy outdoor conditions. They will let you know how much they are enjoying being outside.

A twitchy tail or overall negative reaction by your rabbit may prove that the outdoors are just too much. Start with an enclosed area with fencing or a cage that is open air and enjoy a sunny, dry day together for a short amount of time.

Slowly increase the amount of time you spend outside together and treat your rabbit with a snack to associate the experience to something else that is already positive and desirable.

Can a House Rabbit Survive Outside?

Rabbits who grew up indoors will wish to continue living this way. You can transfer a rabbit to an outdoor area that is enclosed and protected from the elements.

A shed, garage or a tarped area that is fenced in could provide a new shelter for a rabbit who will now survive outside instead. Weather is a large factor and temperatures must remain ideal.

Is It Safe to Let My Rabbit Run Around?

Rabbits would enjoy free roaming, but the space has to be free of accidental falls, injuries or possible predators. Keep an eye out and decide how much outdoor space is tolerable and protected.

A rabbit that you trust to roam freely indoors outside of the enclosure can begin going outside in open spaces.

Bring treats with you and make sure, as the primary caregiver, you are always nearby for your rabbit to easily return to you for a rewarding snack.

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Should I Lock My Rabbit up at Night?

Allowing your rabbit to roam around the house or outdoors on their own is a recipe for disaster. Rabbits can not only get hurt, they can damage properties by chewing on electric wires or other belongings.

The last thing we ever want to think about are rabbits electrocuting themselves on wires. Worst-case scenario, they may die or even start a fire. Lock up the enclosure for the night with your rabbits inside.

Can I Take My Bunny for a Walk?

Rabbits don’t respond well to being pulled along by a leash. They are not used to it, but you can prove everyone wrong if you want to try.

Bring treats, be vocally supportive and encouraging and start off slowly around the front or back of your home only. See how it goes.

Free roaming in an enclosed or fenced area might be a better solution for a rabbit to feel less stress from being tugged around. Try a harness around the body instead of guiding a rabbit who has a leash around his or her neck.

How Long Should I Let My Rabbit Out?

Start slowly and gradually increase outdoor playtime and free-roaming sessions to about 3 hours in length. Your rabbit will be happy and mentally stimulated along with the physical exercise that is vital.

Take your rabbit out of the hutch or enclosure and begin outside sessions that are protected from predators, larger animals and vehicles.

How Cold Is Too Cold for a Rabbit to Be Outside?

Any temperature under 20 degrees Fahrenheit is considered too cold for a rabbit. Many species of rabbits are able to withstand colder temperatures due their fur and adaptations over centuries in the wild.

If you want to take it to a cuter level, you can dress your rabbit with warmer rabbit clothes, but it’s not necessary.

Take extra care when going out in the winter. Know that there are plenty of hungry animals out there along with gusts of wind that could affect your rabbit’s delicate immune and nervous systems.

What Temp Is Too Cold for Rabbits?

Since rabbits are animals adapted to the cold, you might be surprised that temperatures all the way down -20 degrees Celsius or about 30 degrees Fahrenheit are safe for most rabbits to handle.

If a rabbit has a hutch outside that is well insulated, he or she can survive the winter outdoors as well. Ideal winter temperatures should stay around 38 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to prevent your rabbit from freezing or being uncomfortable.

Tips to Take Your House Rabbit Outside Safely

Here are a few tips on taking your house rabbit outside safely:

  • Know the area.
  • Avoid pesticides.
  • Stay clear of predators.
  • Check temperatures for high heat, humidity or winter gusts of wind.
  • Stay away from unknown or poisonous plants
  • Don’t go out if the area is known to have ticks or too many mosquitoes.
  • Use wired fencing to create a rabbit safe space.
  • Consider a rabbit harness, but do not feel the need to pull or guide your rabbit for a walk.

We wish you the best of luck and enjoyment during your outdoor fun time with your rabbits and plenty of cuddles when you get back to your warm and comfy homes.


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