Why Does My Rabbit Climb on Me? {How Rabbits Show Love & Trust}

Does my rabbit love me so much or want something from me when she tries to get all over me? I wonder sometimes, why does my rabbit climb on me?

Should I let my rabbit lick me, bite my clothes and climb on me? Why does my rabbit circle around my feet and how does a rabbit tell you that they love you?

In this article, let’s try to find out more about why does my rabbit climb on me. Does yours do the same?

Why Does My Rabbit Climb on Me?

It’s normal for a curious bunny to climb or attempt to climb on you or other items around the house. There are two main reasons why a rabbit climbs on you:

  • Bonding
  • Fear

If your rabbit trusts and climbs abroad you, the security you provide keeps him or her relaxed and loved. Be careful and enjoy the love.

There might be other reasons such as your rabbit finding crumbs of food on you or just acting up with playful energy. Overall, you have determined that your body is a safe place for your rabbit to climb.

Why Is My Bunny Climbing My Leg?

Your rabbit could be climbing your leg out of fear of something on the ground or nearby. Other times it could indicate that this rabbit has reach sexual maturity.

With the ability to reproduce, the close interaction with your leg is out of reflex or an urge to connect with a warm body.

This might mean that your rabbit wants to mate, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to do about that. It could even happen with neutered rabbits. As long as it isn’t happening all the time, it’s manageable and quite normal.

How Does a Rabbit Tell You They Love You?

Your rabbit will develop trust and feel safe around you. This is why you are experiencing an increase of contact instigated by your rabbit.

You might see the following signs indicating that your rabbit is falling in love with you:

  • Nuzzles
  • Licks
  • Soft nobbles
  • Licking or biting your clothes
  • Climbing on you

A rabbit that is persistently doing any of the above behaviors may have reached sexual maturity and cannot resist the urge to make contact.

Either way, you are a safe and trustworthy person that this rabbit loves, appreciates and feels comfortable with.

Why Do Rabbits Like Climbing?

Rabbits are active creatures who need to expel their energy in the wild to maintain their agility and nimble tendencies to stay alert and be able to flee in a flash when there is a sign of danger.

Rabbits like climbing in safe spaces around the home. This could be on you because you have established that you are a safe and warm body full of love and kindness.

Rabbits like to explore, climb and maintain their flexibility. This gives them an advantage in the wild and personally, it makes them cuter in my eyes. Just be careful that they don’t fall because they do have sensitive bones.

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Why Do Rabbits Circle Your Feet?

Rabbits circling your feet can look like they are trying to corner you. You might be sitting on the sofa and watching your companion below at your feet circling around one of your legs.

This rabbit might be trying to exhibit a form of body language indicating that you are their territory, prize or possession.

He or she may have reached sexual maturity and has decided that you are a perfect match. Even if your male rabbit is neutered, you may see this type of behavior. You are loved and you have been chosen.

Why Does My Rabbit Push Me With His Head?

Your rabbit is trying to communicate with you. Pushing or gently nudging with the head could mean that your rabbit is:

  • hungry
  • upset
  • tired
  • cold
  • wants attention 

Rabbits need to communicate in other ways than verbal. They have small tails that could wag or thump but they might be able to get their point across better with their head instead.

Leaning in head first towards you means you are trusted and not a threat.

Do Rabbits Get Attached to Their Owners?

Sure! If your rabbit is constantly making contact with you, climbing on you, licking or circling your feet, then you are an attachment that is meaningful to this bunny’s life.

If you are the primary caregiver, the feeder and provider, then you should benefit from the love and attachment that you are bound to receive as a sign of love and appreciation.

You are your rabbit’s favorite person and the relationship between you is very real!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does my rabbit climb on my back?

A bunny that hops onto your back wants attention or something else like food or love. Rabbits on your back are warming up to you and trusting you. They like to cuddle or play with their primary caregiver or someone who is warm and calm.

2. Why does my rabbit bite me?

Gentle bites or nibbles are signs of affection, but real bites can mean that your rabbit is trying to assert dominance over you. He or she might also be trying to protect food or territory.

3. Why does my rabbit bite my clothes?

Your clothes might get tugged on by a rabbit when there is a sense of bonding. Rabbits like barbering or grooming. This rabbit might be wishing to groom you! If the bites are stronger, this could mean the rabbit wants to exert dominance.

4. Why does my rabbit lick me?

Licking is part of the grooming process for rabbits. They do it to each other and you are part of this rabbit’s family now. You have successfully bonded with your rabbit and these licks are proof of it.


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