Why Is My Hamster’s Eye Bulging? {Next Steps Explained}

I’m really concerned when I see this happening to hamsters. Why is my hamster’s eye bulging and what are the my next steps to remedy the problem?

Will the eye fall out? Is this in injury or infection? If you have a few moments, I can really help provide some insights and details as to what causes bulging eyes in hamsters and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Hamster’s Eye Bulging?

Your hamster may have an eye infection, which can result in bulging eyes or irritation. Bacteria, viruses, or fungus are among potential causes of this.

They may have been scratched, struck or had its eye bitten off by another animal. The eye may expand and bulge as a result of this.

If a tumor is forcing the eye forward from behind and is present, it may cause the eye to bulge.  In hamsters, dental issues can result in eye puffiness or abscesses.

Finally, glaucoma is a disease where the pressure inside the eye rises to an abnormally high level. This may cause the eye to swell and hurt.

Why Does My Hamster Have a Bump on Its Eye?

Here are a few potential explanations:

A bump on your hamster’s eye may be the result of an illness that was brought on by bacteria, viruses, or fungus. Your hamster may suffer irritation or pain, and the lump may seem:

  • red
  • bloated
  • discharging fluids

An injury, such as a scrape or blunt force trauma, may also be the cause of an eye bump. In this scenario, in addition to the bump, your hamster could also experience:

  • bleeding
  • a change in behavior

A lump on your hamster’s eye occasionally might be a benign or malignant tumor. It is imperative to seek veterinarian attention if the lump grows larger or alters in:

  • color
  • texture

An eye lump in your hamster may potentially be the result of allergies. The bump in this situation could be red and itchy.

It might be due to

  • dust
  • pollen
  • mattress or couch material

What Does a Hamster Eye Infection Look Like?

Hamsters with eye infections could display signs including:

  • crusting
  • redness
  • swelling
  • discharge around their eyes

The hamster may have trouble opening the afflicted eye, which may seem blurry or hazy. Due to the irritation, the eye may occasionally be fully closed.

Other indications of pain include the hamster scratching or stroking the afflicted eye with its paws. Remember that these symptoms might also be a sign of other health problems. A vet might be needed here before it’s too late.

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How Do I Fix My Hamsters Eyes?

If your hamster is having troubles with its eyes, you should:

  • Take it to a veterinarian that specializes in treating tiny animals. This type of doctor will be able to correctly diagnose and treat any problems that your hamster may be suffering.
  • make sure that the enclosure that your hamster lives in is spotless and devoid of any potential triggers, such as dust or bedding, that might be creating the issue.
  • See that your hamster always has access to clean water and a meal that is well-balanced.
  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions near the area where your hamster is housed because they might make their eyes even more irritated.

Hamster Sticky Eye

If you notice that your hamster has a sticky eye, it might be the result of an eye injury or an infection. The following is a list of things that you can do to assist your hamster:

  1. To clean the eye, use a cotton ball or a warm, moist towel to gently wipe the surface of the eye. Take cautious not to apply an excessive amount of pressure or to touch the eye itself.
  2. Have a look at the hamster. Maintain vigilance over your hamster’s behavior and be on the lookout for additional symptoms of disease, such as lack of food or listlessness.
  3. Contact a veterinary professional. If the eye of your hamster continues to be sticky, or if you see any other symptoms, it is in your best interest to take your hamster to a veterinarian who specializes in treating small animals.
  4. Give proper care. While treating your hamster’s eye, make sure to follow the recommendations given to you by your veterinarian. This may involve administering antibiotic drops or ointment to your hamster, as well as giving him or her medicine.

Can You Clean Hamster Eyes With Salt Water?

Yes. Saline solutions may be made by dissolving one teaspoon of salt into one cup of warm water to make a saline solution. To apply the solution, you can use a cotton bud or a piece of tissue. Be sure to be gentle yet strong when you wipe the affected eye with the solution once.

It is typically not suggested to use salt water to clean the eyes of a hamster since there is a possibility that the hamster might be harmed in the process.

The delicate eyes of a hamster can be irritated by salt water, which can then cause more discomfort or even damage to the eyes. In addition, there is the possibility that more damage will be caused if the salt water is not well mixed or if the concentration is too high.

Can a Hamster’s Eye Pop?

Hamsters may suffer from a condition known as exophthalmos, which causes their eyes to protrude out of their sockets either permanently or temporarily.

It’s possible that the former is caused by a congenital impairment in which the eye sockets are unusually shallow. The eyes give the impression that they have been protruded, although this is obviously how the hamster always appears.

The condition known as exophthalmos, which affects hamsters and can also be caused by an infection or trauma, can cause the eyes to bulge outward.

Hamster Bulging Eye Treatment

After the vet has determined the cause of exophthalmos and the necessary treatments, those treatments will proceed. It lubricates the eye with a sterile ophthalmic lubricator after cleaning it with an ophthalmic wash.

Pilocarpine and other medications relax the pupils and lower pressure. To force the eyeball into the socket, the veterinarian could attempt to draw back the eyelids. To prevent recurrence, further suturing of the eyelids may be attempted.

An oral, ophthalmic ointment-based antibiotic regimen should be continued for 10 days if an infection is the primary contributing factor. If incorrect handling or trauma is to blame, proper care procedures should be followed, along with education about them.

Be aware that this illness might cause your hamster to lose one eye. In order to save the eye, rapid medical attention is crucial. In the worst situation, surgery to remove the eye is the only option.

Can Hamsters Become Blind?

Yes. There are several ailments that might cause blindness in hamsters. You need to pay great attention in order to determine whether your hamster is blind. If it creeps into objects and falls off easily, it avoids really strong light.

Cataracts are one of the most typical causes of blindness in hamsters. It is an aging disorder, yet it affects hamsters rather frequently. If left untreated, several additional severe eye infections can also result in blindness.

Hamster Eye Bulging and Red

Your hamster may have a medical problem that needs veterinarian care if its eyes are swollen and inflamed.  A bacterial or viral infection can inflame the eye, resulting in bulging and redness.

Hamsters who scratch or rub their eyes against objects in their cages risk eye damage. Redness and swelling may result from this.

Hamster Eye Fell Out

Get emergency veterinarian care if your hamster’s eye has fallen out. This is a significant medical emergency that has to be attended to right away. You may assist your hamster in the interim by doing the following things:

  1. Maintain the peace and comfort of your hamster.
  2. Avoid touching or attempting to force the eye back into the socket.
  3. Use a cotton ball or wet towel to the region surrounding the eye and wipe it gently.
  4. Give your hamster some food and water, but don’t make them consume it.
  5. Until you can get to the veterinarian, keep your hamster in a warm, quiet setting.

How to Treat Hamster Swollen Eye

It is possible that your veterinarian will prescribe pain medicine, antibiotics, and an ointment or lubricant that is applied topically to the eye.

If it is determined that dental irregularities are the primary cause of eye bulging, then your veterinarian will most likely conduct a corrective dental operation on your pet.


Exophthalmos, or hamster eye bulging, is a medical disorder that can happen to hamsters for a number of causes. One or both of the hamster’s eyeballs may protrude, and it can be brought on by a number of underlying health conditions.

Infections, tumors, and dental issues are the most typical reasons of hamster eye bulging. It could be brought on by trauma or damage in some situations. Nutritional deficits and thyroid gland dysfunction are other potential explanations.

To identify the underlying reason and administer the proper care, the veterinarian will do a comprehensive examination.

Depending on the underlying reason, there are many treatments for bulging hamster eyes. It can include surgery, antibiotics, or medicine.


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