Uromastyx Temperament {How To Hold Uromastyx}

What kind of reptile would you like as a pet? Do you wish to know about uromastyx temperament to decide how to care for them?

I would encourage you to care for this spiny tail lizard if you have the time, space for a nice enclosure and enjoy some quirky reptile behavior.

In this article, you will find out about uromastyx temperament, personality and behavior in captivity and in the wild. Enjoy!

Uromastyx Temperament

Uromastyx are considered docile and easy to care for. They make great beginner reptile lizard pets for anyone interested in this hobby.

Uromastyx have unique personalities and temperaments. Here are the most common ones:

  • Inquisitive
  • Curious
  • Enjoy attention
  • Tame (with trust and bonding)
  • Friendly

Please check out how to hold this spiny tail lizard and find out more about their behavior with us in this article below.

Are Uromastyx Dangerous?

No. The spring tail lizard sounds more dangerous than it actually is. This uromastyx species of lizards can vary in temperament, but they have too many predators in the wild to risk attacking or provoking violence.

They spend their time hiding, burrowing or hanging out in elevated areas to stay away from harm’s way. They are captured by hunters in local communities who eat them in their native habitat.

The danger for this lizard includes:

  • Deforestation/erosion/climate change
  • Excess moisture
  • Lack of vegetation
  • Lack of hiding species
  • Predators such as wolves, birds of prey

This is not a dangerous animal and rarely ever wishes to bite or use their tail to cause any damage to a handler.

Is the opposite true? Are Uromastyx friendly?

Uromastyx Handling

Many uromastyx wish to receive your attention and touch. This could take a few weeks at first, but they generally like to approach out of curiosity. Uromastyx are known to accept food through hand feeding.

Gentle handling when picking them up from the abdomen is accepted, but do not pick them up by the tail. If a uromastyx is swinging their tail, try not to pick them up and they are no in the mood for it.

Catching a wild uromastyx and expecting them to act as docile as one that was bred in captivity is a big difference. Leave wild uromastyx alone. If they make contact with you, allow them to crawl on your hand and leave at will.

How To Hold A Uromastyx

  • Support the pelvis of your spiny tail lizard pet.
  • Use one hand under their hind limb.
  • You can support the neck or shoulder with your other hand.
  • Avoid handling their spiny tail.
  • Do not grasp or clutch them.
  • Handling should be a brief session of about 5-15 minutes.
  • If they swing their tail, they are uncomfortable and this is a sign to put them down.

I do not handle my uromastyx more than 2-3 times a week. This reptile lizard pet is not adjusted to a life of cuddles and snuggling up for warmth with a human or their own counterparts.

Be careful if there is a Uromastyx stuck shed problem. This is what you do about it.

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Uromastyx Personality

The personality of one uromastyx varies from another.

  1. They can be very relaxed, but some are skittish. Overall, they are entertaining and amazing to witness in their movements and curiosity.
  2. They will explore the enclosure you create for them and will appreciate the items you put in there from substrate, decoration and plants.
  3. Their eyes gaze out ahead or stare straight at you. Even if they feel that you are a threat, they will not attack or try to bite you.
  4. Although they have spiny tails, they rarely ever use them for provocation or instigation to cause harm.
  5. Uromastyx would rather shy away and hide or refrain from contact if they are stressed, trying to adjust to a new enclosure or haven’t bonded with you yet.

Be careful when feeding and offer these seeds.

Uromastyx Pet Lizards

This species has not been considered a companion to humans in our history. We have been able to replicate and mimic ecosystems in native habitats around the world in our own homes with modern technology.

We can allow these beautiful creatures the opportunity to live in comfortable captivity where temperature, humidity, lighting and food are perfectly adjusted for them.

You don’t need to purchase live insects, worry about gut loading them or handle raw meat. This is a vegetarian herbivore who is happy to eat simple meals with some added supplementation of calcium to reduce bone diseases.

Uromastyx Behavior

You should keep in mind that lizards are territorial. They do not live in groups and placing two male uromastyx together could lead to hostility. They may fight openly and cause each other harm.

Females do not fight each other as often, but if you notice some aggression, bullying or one excessively hiding and not eating, please separate them.

Some uromastyx are shy and skittish while others enjoy attention and will come to you. A captive bred uromastyx and much more open to human handling than one caught in the wild.

When should you give Uromastyx water? Allow me to explain this too.

What Do Uromastyx Do In The Wild?

Since a uromastyx is diurnal, they will be more attentive and active during the day. You may find them coming out of burrows, looking for mates and basking. When temperatures get too high, they go back to hiding out in the shade.

Just because a uromastyx is a vegetarian it doesn’t mean that they can’t be opportunistic when an easy to catch insect crawls by. Younger, more agile uromastyx may initiate the hunt to help them with their growth.

Overall, we would categorize them as herbivores with opportunist omnivore qualities to catch some insects.

You do not need to feed uromastyx live bugs if you are supplementing them with calcium and vitamins that you can easily sprinkle onto their plant based meals.


Enjoy the temperament of your Uromastyx and thank you for visiting PocketPetCentral.com for the best information to help you enjoy the life of your pocket pet companion in a fun, safe & healthy way.


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