Can Rabbits Eat Lavender? {Is Lavender Oil Safe?}

Lavender is one of my favorite scents and I’m a sucker for buying soaps, oils or candles with this calming aroma. Can rabbits eat lavender?

I’m going to grow some in the garden and I’m wondering if my bunny will enjoy it as much as I do or even more. Will a rabbit enjoy the smell of lavender? Is the oil from lavender beneficial to rabbits at all?

In this article, we will discuss, discover and explain if lavender is suitable for bunnies as we find out, “Can rabbits eat lavender?”

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender?

Yes. Lavender is part of a large variety of safe herbs for your rabbit to consume. It’s completely safe in its fresh or dried form.

The oil of lavender can be added to rabbit hygiene products to soothe the skin and provide a calming aroma or to neutralize other odors that develop in their enclosures.

Not every rabbit has the same taste and dietary preferences. Offer lavender as a safe food source for rabbits and see if your bunny likes it.

Can Rabbits Eat Fresh Lavender?

Yes. Lavender is safe if it is freshly picked from your garden or from a trusted source. In cases of lavender being grown in places where pesticides are present, please wash it thoroughly before offering it to your bunnies.

Lavender is healthy and enjoyed by many rabbits due to the antioxidants contained within. Dried lavender is also fine, but my rabbit prefers the fresh varieties much more.

How Much Lavender Can a Rabbit Eat?

A 10-13 pound rabbit can safely enjoy 2 tablespoons of dried lavender or a single handful of the fresh variety. This is a completely safe herb for your rabbit and you should not be concerned of about its safety.

They will not overeat it and will always go back to enjoying hay for the better part of their diet. Herbs like lavender are fine treats for bunnies if they handle the scent. It’s entirely up to the bunny to deicde.

Do Bunnies Like the Smell of Lavender?

This is where our opinions are going to differ. While rabbits can safely consume lavender, many of them are not going to try. They will be repelled by the strong odor that some of us enjoy.

While one rabbit likes a particular type of herb, another may not. Lavender is one of those herbs that subjectively gets tossed to the side, ignored or devoured by different rabbits.

Each bunny is unique and has their own taste for what they have grown up eating.

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Does Lavender Make Rabbits Sleepy?

Lavender has a calming effect due to its pleasant aroma. The herb itself will not create the calming reaction by simply consuming a handful of it.

A bunny will eat lavender if he or she prefers it, but many rabbits will leave it alone. Rabbits can also drink a liquid mixture of warm water mixed with lavender tea to provide a mild, soothing, calming effect. Don’t force it however, as some rabbits will not even try it.

What Effect Does Lavender Have on Rabbits?

Consuming lavender doesn’t have much of an effect on rabbits. The oil or tea forms of lavender produce a more soothing, relaxing reaction in humans, but most rabbits won’t attempt to eat it, drink or will choose not to smell it.

Lavender is a toss up for members in the rabbit community. Some say their rabbits enjoy it, while others note that the prickly texture and aroma keeps their bunnies away from it.

Benefits of Lavender For Rabbits

Yes. Some people may find this answer enjoyable as they can supply rabbits with the nutrition found in this herb while others may wish to protect wild rabbits from touching their prized garden plant.

Lavender is high in:

  • vitamin A
  • calcium
  • iron
  • antioxidants such as limonene

Lavender can allow for digestive enzymes to break down food and ease in the process of sensitive bunny stomach processing food easily and comfortably.

The liver in a rabbit is aided and lavender can also detoxify carcinogens inside their delicate bodies.

Is Lavender Oil Safe For Rabbits?

Yes. Small doses of lavender oil can be applied on rabbit bedding or directly on your bunny. It’s relaxing and helps to neutralize many odors that develop on a rabbit or in their enclosure.

Some rabbits may not enjoy it as the smell is a subjective one that depends on the opinion of each rabbit. The same goes for humans. I enjoy it very much, but my partner does not.

How To Use Lavender Oil For Rabbits

  • Mist or Spray
    You can mist the oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. It can help remove odors and expel parasites. You can apply it directly on your rabbit’s fur.
  • Topical application
    You can apply the oil of lavender mixed with olive oil or coconut oil and massage it onto your rabbit’s hair. This could help prevent skin infections or irritations.


Naturally, lavender is one of the more pleasant and harmless herbs that grow in gardens and in the wild. Rabbits have interacted, passed through, consumed or rubbed against lavender for centuries.

Some avoid it while others consume it. The prickly texture of lavender isn’t that inviting for consumption. Also the strong aroma repels many animals and plenty of rabbits included.

It is entirely up to your rabbit to decide if this herb is going to be added on the menu for the future or avoided due to its strong aroma. We hope your rabbit enjoys it because it is safe, edible, non toxic and healthy.


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