How Big Is A Budgie’s Brain? {Are They Clever?}

Have you ever thought about how big is a budgie’s brain?

You can imagine a budgie’s brain to be approximately the size of a walnut right? Is it something you are curious to know?

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know regarding a budgie’s brain.

How Big Is A Budgie’s Brain?

Budgies have an exceptional body-to-brain ratio as their brains are larger than their bodies. Moreover, their brains are packed with neurons and are structured somewhat like the brains of humans.

Now that you have an idea about the size of a budgie’s brain, you might want to know do budgies have brains? Let’s find out!

Do Budgies Have Brains?

Yes, budgies have brains. Although small in size, the brain of a budgie is much developed. Moreover, as they belong to the parrot family, they are able to mimic the human voice.

The ability to mimic human voice is unique to parrots and budgies.

According to the PNAS, the neuron count of budgies is much greater than primates having large brains. It is because of their high neuron density that the budgies are smart and intelligent.

How do budgie brains influence why they eat so much? This article here helps to explain that.

But how intelligent is a budgie? Let’s see in the next section.

How Intelligent Is A Budgie?

Budgies are extremely intelligent. In fact, the neuroscientists from the University of Alberta have declared them as the most intelligent birds. They are known to be able to mimic human voices and learn new tricks and behavior fast.

Moreover, as per a study done by the University of Leiden, it has been found that budgies also have the talent of learning and picking up abstract patterns.

It makes them the first non-human species to have that ability. It is also revealed that budgies can comprehend basic grammar like that of a 7-month-old human baby.

In short, we can say budgies are very intelligent. They mature as they molt. Find out more about budgie molting here.

Here is a quick summary of all the points that make budgies intelligent.

  • Able to mimic human voices
  • Pick up abstract patterns
  • Understand basic grammar and use it in context
  • Ability to learn new tricks fast
  • Capacity to sense danger and protect themselves from their predators
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What Is Their Memory Span Like?

Budgies have a long memory span. In fact, budgies remember things for years. Below are some points that show budgies remember things for the long-term.

  • Quick Learners: Budgies are able to learn things quickly. They get accustomed to gathering food, building nests, and the tricks taught by their owners and remember them for several years.
  • Remember 100 Words: Budgies can pick up around 100 words from human vocabulary and remember them for years.
  • Recognize their Owners: Many budgie owners are curious to know if their budgies can recognize them after years. Interestingly, budgies not only form an emotional bond with their owners but remember them for years.
  • Recall Sounds of their Mates: Because of their sharp memory, budgies are able to remember and recall the sounds of their mates. This ability to identify sounds helps them recognize their fellow mates.
  • Please get Familiar with their Names: In a very short time, budgies start recognizing the names by which their owners call them. Moreover, they don’t forget their names for many years. In fact, they will remember their names for as long as they stay with their owners in the same environment.

Can Budgies Understand Humans?

Yes, but budgies don’t comprehend the meaning of human speech. They just replicate the noises. Nevertheless, they are able to make the connection between the words you say and the actions you conduct.

For example, if every time you snap your fingers or say “hi”, they could learn and understand it as soon as you make the action.

New research indicates that budgies have the same level of comprehension of basic grammar as a toddler who is seven months old. It has been known for a long time that budgerigars, like other members of the parrot family, are able to imitate human speech.

Can A Budgie Go Crazy?

Yes, budgies can go crazy and suffer mild strokes and seizures. Budgies are social birds, and they need social interaction to stay sane. Keeping them alone inside the cage all the time can make them go crazy.

It would help if you interact with your budgies often and also put toys in their cages.

You can also bring your budgie a companion so that it doesn’t feel alone and bored. In some cases, budgies also act crazy in the following instances:

  • Sudden change in their environment
  • When they are sick
  • Any traumatic experience
  • Fear of shadows
  • Loss of an emotional bond
  • On being hurt by their predators

If you see your budgies behaving weirdly, it’s time to see a vet.

The continuous flapping of wings, outbursts of weird sounds, constant flying, and moving in circles are some common signs that indicate that your budgie is going crazy and needs help.

In case you can’t see a doctor immediately, try calming your budgie down by playing soft music. You can also try covering half of your budgie’s cage with a cloth so that it sees fewer things that might frighten it.


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