Does My Chinchilla Hate Me? {8 Signs That Your Chinchilla Likes You}

When I used to get near my chinchilla at first, he would push my hand away with his paws. Does my chinchilla hate me? This is a common question.

First of all, let’s just say no to that and find out what’s going on. How can you bond with your chinchilla? How long will take for your chinchilla to like you and what are the signs that you are liked by your chinchilla?

In this article, we will discuss the topic, “Does my chinchilla hate me?”

Does My Chinchilla Hate Me?

No. A chinchilla doesn’t hate or resent you. This is a short-term reaction before you two build a bond together.

It will take time, effort, patience and love to practice routines that build trust and prevent your chinchilla from being scared of you or their surroundings.

How Do You Tell if Your Chinchilla Hates You?

A chinchilla that hates a situation and not a person depends on the environment. You are part of this environment and you can make the necessary improvements to:

  • build a connection
  • tighten the bond
  • establish trust

Chinchillas who feel resentment or discomfort will hide, shy away and won’t interact with their caregivers. They will definitely not enjoy being picked up.

How Long Will It Take for My Chinchilla to Like Me?

It could take several days to a few weeks before a chinchilla trusts you, bonds with you and accepts you as their favorite human. You will then be able to pick up your chinchilla and cuddle together.

Rushing this process will only make it the time it takes more frustrating and longer. Move slowly, be patient, vocally praise and give treats with your soothing kind voice and gentle movements.

Why Does My Chinchilla Push Me Away?

Chinchillas need to tell their caregivers that they need some time alone. They may have had too much stimulation today with lots of noise, lights or attention.

Sometimes they just need a break and may not wish to be picked up right now. They may push against your hand with their paws and it’s best to return for more trust building and bonding sessions later on.

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How To Bond With Your Chinchilla

Bonding takes a few weeks so be patient. The reward of your friendship and trust will come very soon. Don’t try to grab your frightened chinchilla who is trying to adjust to this environment or you as their new caregiver.

Speak softly, move slowly and try not to touch them for now. Sit next to the cage and offer treats. Raisins are a good idea, but don’t overdo it. One raisin or a half of one is enough for now.

Come back later on for another treat praising session. In a day or two, you can try feeding this treat with your open palm to initiate contact.

How To Handle Chinchillas

When a few days or a week has gone by, you can try to open your hand and slip it underneath the body of your chinchilla. Support the full weight and see if your chinchilla responds to it. If not, he or she will run off and get away from you.

If this contact is accepted, support the body and gently lift up slowly. Bring your chinchilla to your shoulder and stay seated near the cage. Give your new companion the viewpoint to look over your shoulder or back at the cage.

How Do I Make My Chinchilla Not Scared of Me?

Try to open the door of the cage so that your chinchilla gets used to seeing your hand entering slowly. Use your fingertips only at first.

Another method is to place a half of a raisin in between your fingers and offer it slowly to your chinchilla.

If the contact isn’t made with the chinchilla taking the raison from you, then gently place it in front of them. Soon, this will change and your chinchilla will allow contact.

How Do You Know if a Chinchilla Trusts You?

A chinchilla that trusts you will begin to bond with you. There are some signs we have listed below to show you how you can tell if your chinchilla likes you:

8 Signs Your Chinchillas Likes You

  1. They stop hiding.
  2. They come to you.
  3. They climb abroad you.
  4. They lick you.
  5. They take food from your hand.
  6. They cuddle with you.
  7. They sleep on you.
  8. They squeak happily around you.

These are the rewards of caring for chinchillas. They don’t happen right away, but it will happen soon with patience and loving kindness towards your new favorite furry companion.


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