Chinchilla Squeaking in Sleep {Chinchilla Sounds Explained}

Do you hear the same sounds I hear from a chinchilla’s enclosure? Why is chinchilla squeaking in sleep during the day or night?

What do chinchilla sounds mean? Are chinchillas noisy at night?

In this article, I’ll share my experience with my chinchillas, but we’ll figure out these squeaking sounds together along with some other noises they make as well.

Chinchilla Squeaking in Sleep

Yes, it’s normal. You may not get used to it, but I accept the high pitched noises when my chinchillas are:

  • Not ill or scared
  • Just sleeping

Take a look to see if they are at rest. Sometimes they are alerted by perceived threats and squeal or squeak to communicate or warn their herd.

Why Does My Chinchilla Squeak When Sleeping?

When the environment is calm and chinchillas appear to be sleeping, they frequently produce this squeaking or squealing sound.

This also might be due to the fact or perception that they have heard something they did not recognize, requiring them to alert the herd. Chinchillas may emit the warning cry even if there are no other chinchillas around.

Why Is My Chinchilla Making Whimpering Noises?

I hear a few whimper sounds repeating softly and wonder what’s up with my pocket pet chinchillas? It’s almost as though they are simply communicating to each other and letting them know that they are safe.

These sounds may occur early in the adjustment phase of your chinchillas. When they feel secure and life goes on with routines they expect, the whimper reduces.

Alert calls or perceived fears from your loved chinchillas occur more when their smooth flow of daily life is interrupted or threatened. The whimpering should not necessarily be taken in a negative way or a sign of pain.

Why Does My Chinchilla Make Noise at Night?

Expect your chinchillas to make noises and especially at night. This animal is communicative with its herd and they keep each other comfortable when they are on alert to maintain their safety.

Chinchillas are crepuscular, meaning that they are active early in the morning around dawn and at night around dusk.

I know that when I go to bed, my chinchillas have only just woken up or they will soon. I hear:

  • Whimpering
  • Squeaking
  • Squealing
  • Cage rattling

Check on your cage set up and see what kind of improvements or adjustments can help to secure items or decorations better. I wear earplugs, but I also admit that the noises have reduced due to:

  • their comfort and relaxation
  • months of adjustment
  • cage setup improvements
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Why Wont My Chinchilla Stop Squeaking?

There are many reasons why a chinchilla squeaks. Sometimes it means that everything is alright. Other times, it’s a warning cry for help or warning to others.

Overall, this sound is louder and more frequent for a chinchilla who is worried, in fear or stressed. They might be easily spooked. Try some of these approaches:

  • Move the enclosure to a quieter area with less to look at
  • Reduce foot traffic and noise in this area
  • Rearrange enclosure items
  • Change their bedding frequently
  • Turn off the lights

Persistent squeaking that never seems to go away might need a vet’s help to determine if there are no internal (unnoticeable) problems causing illness or injury.

Chinchilla Sounds

What kind of noises do chinchillas make? Is it normal for chinchillas to make noise? Let’s look at three of them right now:

1. Coo

Chinchillas will produce this sound, ”Coo”, when they are content or trying to communicate with one another.

2. Bark

Chinchillas will bark when they are anxious or terrified. If your chinchilla does not want to be picked up, it could make this noise to let you know.

3. Cry or Squeal

Chinchillas exhibit this behavior if they are in distress or discomfort. They are warning each other about a possible threat.

Chinchilla Screams in Sleep

Screams, squeaks and squeals are alike in our ears when we first hear the sound of chinchillas at night or when they are asleep.

If you are startled by their alarming tone, you might think something is really wrong. However, this might be the opposite when chinchillas simply make this sound when they are asleep or letting their herd members know that all is well.

The screaming will hopefully lessen or stop as it did for us, when they are fully accustomed to life in your home.

Chinchilla Grunts

When a mother chinchilla is with her kits, they will frequently make this low grunting sound. If you’re very fortunate, you might even be able to hear them talking to one another.

Chinchilla mothers make low grunting sounds when they lick their young, who respond with squeaking sounds. Chinchillas of the adult species communicate with one another via grunting.

Why Do Chinchillas Squeal?

1. Chinchillas fighting with one another

A scenario in which the screams of a chinchilla might cause you to feel concerned is one in which the animal is fighting with another.

Fights over mates or food are possible causes of the conflict. There are many more possible explanations as well. If this is the case, you should keep your chinchillas apart for a minimum of two or three days.

2. During sleep

Chinchillas are capable of making high-pitched sounds even while they are sleeping. If you check on your shrieking chinchillas and discover that they are resting soundly, you have no reason to be concerned about them at all.

3. Chinchillas are in heat

It is very common for females to let out squeals in the middle of the night when the season for mating is in full swing.

They act in this manner in order to make themselves heard by any males that might be in the vicinity. In theory, their heat should be finished in two or three nights time at the very most.

4. They are requesting your attention.

If you have a very loving chinchilla and it is very devoted to you, it may squeal to get you to spend time with it and stroke it in order to show its appreciation.

They are unable to communicate in any other manner, therefore squealing is the only method they know how to attract attention to themselves.

Are Chinchillas Noisy At Night?

Yes. Chinchillas tend to be quite active during the night. This causes them to be noisy at night, and it also explains why they are extremely energetic.

While they are awake and active, they will explore their enclosure by running, jumping, and climbing all over it. This may result in a substantial quantity of noise, however this is very dependent on the construction of the cage.


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