Are Candles Bad for Chinchillas? {Health Risks You Should Know}

Would you like to freshen or brighten up the home, but worry what your chinchilla might think or how they might react? Are candles bad for chinchillas?

A romantic dinner with your chinchilla and guest might not require the use of candles. Will a chinchilla get sick from being near candles? What are the health risks, if any?

In this article, we will find out, are candles bad for chinchillas?

Are Candles Bad for Chinchillas?

Yes. While some people may choose to use unscented and natural candles, we tend to stay away from them. Chinchillas have very sensitive respiratory systems and eyes.

Using scented products, sprays, incense or candles near them will affect their eyes, lungs and cause further complications down the road such as liver and kidney disease.

Be advised to keep candles burning in separate rooms away from your chinchilla instead.

Can I Spray Febreze Near My Chinchillas?

We would not use deodorizers near small rodents due to their sensitive respiratory systems. We do use Febreze in the home, but we keep our chinchillas and guinea pigs far away from them.

If the room that your chinchilla occupies needs some deodorizing, take your pet for a stroll outside or carry them to another room for some cuddle and playtime together while the effects of the spray wears off or dissipates.

Is It Safe to Burn Incense Around Chinchillas?

No, it is not safe to burn incense near a chinchilla. We advise against using the following products near your favorite little rodents:

  • candles
  • incense
  • aerosol products
  • scented products
  • aromatic diffusers
  • essential oils
  • scented cleaning products

These products contain harsh chemicals and odors that affect the tiny lungs and sensitive eyes of chinchillas. They will be irritated and could lead to infections, illnesses or shorter lifespans.

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Are Candles Bad for Small Animals?

Yes. Small animals like rodents should not be around candles. There are people who like to use unscented and natural candles at their own risk around their pets, but we do not.

We like candles, but we burn them in separate rooms away from rodents like rats, mice and chinchillas. Your pets may become curious, get too close and risk burning themselves or irritating their eyes and lungs.

Are Chinchillas Sensitive to Smells?

Yes. Chinchillas are very sensitive to smells such as cooking oils in the the kitchen or chemicals sprays and cleaning products. Air fresheners and candles should also be kept far away from their cages. The smells could lead to:

  • infections in their lungs
  • irritation in their eyes
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease

What Scents Are Bad for Chinchillas?

The following scents don’t go well with the sensitive respiratory systems of chinchillas. Try to keep them away from your lovable pets to prolong their lives and keep them as healthy as possible.

Chinchillas should not be creating any odors from their bodies or their feces. They are odor free animals and that is a part of the reason why we love caring for them indoors.

These scents below are particularly bad for chinchillas:

  • pine
  • eucalyptus
  • cedar
  • sandalwood

Can I Light Candles With Pet Rodents?

Pet rats, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and chinchillas would not benefit from being anywhere candles. They have strong senses of smell and sensitive lungs. This can lead to kidney or liver diseases.

They are small in size and the little flame for them is much larger to their sensitive eyes. The candles give off fumes even if they are unscented.

They are also a fire hazard and pose serious risks if rodents are able to roam freely near them. Keep the candles burning in separate rooms please.

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