Can a Rabbit Break Its Tail? {Are Rabbits Tails Sensitive?}

Ouch! Rabbit tails are not something we should pull, tug or play with. Can a rabbit break its tail? This is what we need to figure out together.

Are rabbit tails sensitive to the touch and what does a rabbit’s tail help tell us about their mood?

This is an article dedicated to our lovable and friendly little pets because we need to know if or can a rabbit break its tail.

Can a Rabbit Break Its Tail?

The fluffy, furry tail of a rabbit actually contains a small and very sensitive bone inside. It consists of a fragile tailbone that can fracture easily by rough and tumble play or if someone mistakenly pulls on it.

A torn or broken tail could result in bunny trauma or heavy bleeding. The blood loss or stress can lead to an early death while some rabbits are able to continue on without it.

In case you’re wondering, a rabbit’s tail will not grow back.

Do Rabbits Have a Bone in Their Tail?

Yes. There’s definitely a bone in the tail of a rabbit and it’s connected to the spine of our furry friend. This bone is very sensitive and fragile.

You might only see a small fleshy lump of fur, but there’s more to it than that. There’s a muscle around the bone as well and the tail serves a function for a rabbit to use body language signals for positive and negative moods or warnings of threats.

Are Bunny Tails Sensitive?

Yes. The tail of a bunny rabbit is absolutely sensitive. We should always let our friends, relatives or children who come into contact with our pets realize that this cute piece of fur in the back contains a very sensitive and fragile bone.

Touching, tugging or pulling a rabbit’s tail will cause this innocent animal to become fearful of you, stressed or wish to get away from your presence. Rabbits don’t like their tails touched, petted or pulled.

Do Rabbits Wag Their Tails When Happy?

Although it may be difficult to see, the tail of a rabbit can wag or thump to indicate that he or she is happy. Wagging the tail could also mean that a rabbit is trying to tell you something.

Sometimes it’s the response or a persistent rabbit who doesn’t want to go inside yet after enjoying an afternoon exercise session outdoors. The wagging could be a message of defiance or a way to say, “No. Not yet.”

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Do Bunny Bones Break Easily?

Rabbits are rapid movers and very agile. This doesn’t mean their bones are super flexible even though they can freely jump and thump at will. Their limbs must be treated with care when we are holding them.

Rabbit bones are prone to fractures and ask any vet who comes across this issue often in their practice. They always say that we should handle bunnies with care because a broken bone could lead to trauma or an early death.

How Do You Know if a Bunny Is in Pain?

A rabbit in pain could be:

  • Hunched over
  • Unwilling to move
  • Eyes half closed
  • Teeth grinding
  • Unresponsive
  • Lethargic

Plan a visit to the vet to make sure your rabbit is not suffering from stress or trauma. There might have been an accident that you are not aware or didn’t see happen. It’s better to be safe than see a sorry rabbit in pain.

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit’s Tail Is Down?

Happy rabbits have tails that seem fleshy, soft and relaxed. You may not even feel a bone there, but there is definitely a sensitive little bone inside that is helping to move it when there is a need to.

Bunny Tail Cues:

  • Tail up: alert
  • Tail down: possible anger
  • Relaxed tail: happy
  • Tail moving up and down: warning
  • Tail twitching rapidly: angry

These body cues relating to a rabbit’s tail could be subjective, but are based on a community of rabbit lovers who see these reactions in daily interactions with their favorite pet.

Can a Bunny Break Its Own Back?

Rabbits can resist being held. Sometimes they need to be restrained with tender care when performing routine habits of cleaning, checking their sex or overall health.

When they aggressively resist restraint, a bunny rabbit could kick, twitch or twist to fight back and their spine could fracture as a result.

Be careful when picking up a rabbit who is showing clearly that now is not the right time. Offer a treat or distract the rabbit before trying again. A rabbit can definitely break its own back.

Why Would a Rabbit Bite Its Own Tail Off?

Sadly, there are many stressed rabbits in this world. They may react in a terrible way to bite or hurt themselves. They could be:

  • Bored
  • Stressed
  • Infested with a parasite
  • Have a skin ailment
  • Lack fiber

A rabbit could pluck too much fur off its own body known as barbering, and result in an injury. Fur biting could lead to a tail being bitten.

Can a Rabbit’s Tail be Pulled Off?

Yes. It isn’t too difficult to pull the tail of a rabbit and cause it to fracture so badly that it can come off. Children need to be aware of this and treat rabbits with extra care.

A tail that is stuck in the enclosure or somewhere else can be pulled off as well. It’s rare, but significant bleeding could result and your rabbit may not survive.

Will My Bunny Grow Its Tail Back?

No. If your rabbit has lost its tail and has survived this trauma without major bleeding or injury, the tail will not grow and that’s ok.

Your rabbit will be extra sensitive from now on and the environment around this pet should be safeguarded and maintained with the utmost priority to make sure there are fewer chances of getting hurt again.


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