Are Cockatiels Good for Beginners? {Should You Get 2 of Them?}

Cockatiels are sociable birds that are well-liked by pet owners. Are cockatiels good for beginners who wish to enter this community of avian caregivers?

To guarantee you can give cockatiels the finest care, you need first grasp their special demands and eccentricities before rushing out to get one.

We’ll look at the benefits of cockatiels as starter pets in this article, along with some advice on how to take care of them. Keep reading to discover more if you’re thinking of getting a cockatiel as your first bird.

Are Cockatiels Good for Beginners?

Yes, novices seeking a pet bird may find cockatiels to be a nice option. They are a fantastic choice for anyone who are new to bird ownership since they are sociable, amiable, and reasonably simple to care for.

Cockatiels frequently form strong bonds with their owners. They are a great option for people who are just getting started with bird ownership because they require little upkeep in terms of nutrition and housing needs.

Cockatiels need attention, care, and socialization to thrive, just like any other pet. It’s crucial to learn about their care requirements and to be ready to devote time and energy to their regular upkeep.

Is a Cockatiel a Good First Bird?

Cockatiels may make wonderful pets, and new bird owners are frequently advised to start off with one of these birds. Here two explanations as to why a cockatiel can be an excellent first pet for you:

1. They Are Low Maintenance

Cockatiels require little upkeep as pets. As opposed to some of the bigger bird species, such parrots, they don’t need as much care or attention.

They are a fantastic alternative for people who live in apartments or close quarters with neighbors because they are generally quiet birds as well.

2. They Are Social

Cockatiels like being around their owners and are sociable birds. They like spending time with their people and may be extremely loving. They also want to play with toys and other things around them.

Cockatiels are clever birds that are simple to train to perform a wide range of behaviors and tricks. They are very simple to tame and, given enough time, may warm up to their owners.

Your Cockatiel will require a nutritious feed, a tidy home, and some veterinarian treatment. To keep your bird happy and healthy, you’ll also need to spend time with them every day.

Is It Better to Have 1 or 2 Cockatiels?

The choice between owning one or two cockatiels depends on a number of variables, such as individual tastes, way of life, and the needs of the birds. Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Cockatiels like company. Your cockatiel could benefit from having a friend if you don’t spend much time at home or if you don’t have enough free time to play with it.
  2. A single bird may make a great pet if you have the time and resources to dedicate to it. One cockatiel may develop a close relationship with its owner and make a wonderful companion.

If you do decide to keep two cockatiels, it’s crucial to make sure they get along and have enough room to live happily. Provide enough food, drink, and toys.

The choice between owning one or two cockatiels ultimately comes down to your personal situation and the requirements of the birds.

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Can 1 Cockatiel Live Alone?

Yes. They may get lonely and exhibit behavioral issues like excessive screaming or plucking of feathers if you do not spend time with it.

It is advised that you think about adopting a companion bird or spending more time interacting with your pet if you are unable to give your cockatiel frequent social engagement.

In general, it’s better to have at least two birds of the same species together, but if you only have one bird, it’s still necessary to:

  • spend time with it every day
  • provide it lots of toys and perches
  • pay attention to its mental and physical health

Are Cockatiels Loud at Night?

Sometimes. When they are sleeping at night, they often keep to themselves. Cockatiels, like other animals, may, nevertheless, produce noise at night if they are startled or alarmed.

Provide your pet cockatiel a peaceful and cozy place to sleep at night if you keep one as a pet. This can entail:

  • keeping the space around their cage as quiet as possible
  • covering it with a dark sheet or blanket
  • reducing nearby noise and activity

Your cockatiel should be able to sleep soundly through the night without creating too much disruption with the right care and attention.

Can Cockatiels Talk?

Not always. Cockatiels can learn to communicate, however they have less of an aptitude to imitate human speech than certain other parrot species, such as African Grey and Amazon parrots.

More often than not, people associate cockatiels with their singing and whistling talents, which they frequently employ for communication and self-expression.

Some Cockatiels can learn to repeat words or phrases with persistent instruction and repetition, but their major means of communication are body language and vocalizations.

Are Cockatiels Smart?

Yes. It is well known that cockatiels are wise animals. They are nonetheless fairly intelligent in their own way, even if they might not be as intelligent as some of the larger parrots, such African greys or macaws.

Problem-solving abilities have been seen in cockatiels, such as the ability to unlock cage doors or obtain food that is out of reach.

Additionally, they have the capacity to learn a wide range of skills, including the ability to mimic words and noises. Cockatiels are regarded as one of the most intelligent species of smaller parrots in general.


Newcomers seeking a pet bird may find cockatiels to be a wonderful option. They require little maintenance, and their outgoing personalities make them pleasant company. They may live for more than 15 years with the right care and attention, bringing years of happiness and friendship.

Prospective owners must keep in mind that caring for a pet requires responsibility and dedication, and they must be prepared to provide it the love and care that a cockatiel needs.

Before taking a bird home, it’s also important to educate yourself about its nutrition, habits, and medical requirements. Cockatiels may be a lovely addition to any home with the correct training and preparation.


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