Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch

When possible I prefer keeping my furry little pals outdoors. Having them stay in my backyard during the summer happily breathing in the fresh air all while playing vigorously, is an excellent choice according to me.

But, when keeping my guinea pigs outdoors, it’s very important that they have the best possible shelter from all the various threats out there. So, getting your hands on a safe outdoor hutch is very important. I decided to take my time and do my research to find the best outdoor guinea pig hutch, and here’s what I learned:

What is the best outdoor guinea pig hutch? In my research I found that there are 14 factors that together makes up the best outdoor guinea pig hutch, these are:

  1. Durable materials
  2. Pet-friendly design
  3. Protection against predators
  4. Enough space for the pets
  5. Weatherproof construction
  6. Removable trays
  7. Reliable roof
  8. Lockable doors
  9. Number of floors
  10. Accessibility of the pets
  11. Sturdy construction
  12. Pet safety
  13. Easy to assemble
  14. Easy to clean

In this post I will cover these factors more in depth and why they are important. By the end of the post you will also find a list of my recommended outdoor guinea pig hutches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch


Durable Material

When the weather is harsh, the hutch requires materials which are durable enough to withstand it. I found that the most durable hutches have a structure that is made out of plastic and wood and a roof that is made out of metal or asphalt.

From my research I learned that roofs made out of asphalt tend to last the longest. Plastic or wood is essential for the walls as it resist rust and can withstand strong winds. It is necessary to assess the durability of the materials used to make a given structure before you proceed to order.

The hutches I recommend below are made out of highly durable materials to assure pet lovers the durability they yearn for. Some of the hutches can be a bit pricey but their strength makes them worth the money in the long run.

Pet-Friendly Design

Pets love running around so the design of the structures should not have sharp edges, which can cause harm to the pets. A close look at the structure will make it easy for you to know whether they are ideal for your pets. This however, may be hard to assess if you decide to buy online. So I was able to figure out the best structures which are built to be pet-friendly after checking on what other pet-lovers say. There are online forums and review sites where you can interact with other people about the structures. I researched on your behalf to have the list of the best structures below.

Protection Against Predators

Predators such as coyotes, hawks, cats, and owls will take advantage of any chance available to kill your cute little pets and eat them. If you decide to keep them outside, then you have no option rather than looking for cages which are built to be highly effective in protecting the pets against their natural predators. It will be a bad show for you to wake up and find out that all of your loved pets missing. Even though this has never happened to me (god forbid), I’m still very cautious in picking the most safe cages for my pets.

The products I have listed below are designed to be highly effective in protecting the pets against their natural predators. Ensure you lock the cages as well to avoid disappointment. Remember, predators such as coyotes and foxes can try to open the cages by rubbing against them. The cages alone may not offer perfect protection, so try to install them in strategic places where the predators can hardly reach. You can also install some form of fence around the hutch when left outside for additional safety.

Enough Space for the Pets


How many guinea pigs do you have? Personally, I had six of them at one point. Depending on the number of pets you have, you should select the hutch appropriately. Most manufacturers will indicate the number of small animals the structures they offer can accommodate.

Also, if you are ever looking to breed guinea pigs, you need to provide some allowance for more space. To avoid the case where you will have to order another hutch soon, try to order a big hutch which can accommodate for higher numbers of animals if you decide to have them reproduce.

Weatherproof Construction

Water can cause havoc to the bedding inside the hutch. To avoid cases where the pets get affected by diseases related to bacterial development on their bedding, I had to look for weatherproof structures. When buying a hutch for outdoor use, you should pay attention to its waterproof nature. Always insist on having structures which are highly effective at preventing water damage. The bedding and even the pets themselves will not be comfortable in a wet environment.

Above offering protection against the rain the structures should also offer protection against the sun. Your cute little pals must be able to stay away from direct sun light as overheating is a very common problem for most pets, since they, as opposed to us humans lack the ability to sweat.

Removable Trays

Another factor that I had to consider was the type of trays available in the cages. They serve as compartments where the pets can relax at different times of the day. With removable trays, there are several benefits associated. For instance, if they are removable I can easily take them out to clean. I used to have a cage in which the trays were not removable. It used to take me a lot of time trying to clean the cage. This simply isn’t the case with removable trays. Even if hard stains have developed on the floors of the trays, I can easily remove them and replace with new ones.

Reliable Roof

What about heavy rain falls on the roof? Will your hutch withstand it? There could even be incidences where debris could fall on the roof of the cage. The cage should be made out of highly durable materials to avoid cases where the roof can end up collapsing which can lead to injury of the pets. In my research, I had to put emphasis on the type of materials used to make the roof. Asphalt and metal roofs stood out as the best.

Lockable Doors

Sturdy and lockable doors are very necessary when choosing an outdoor hutch for your guinea pigs. You need to be able to lock the hutch so you can find your pets in the structure the following day. I had to check on the type of locks available on the door before recommending to you the top products below. You can be sure of having a structure which you can securely lock as you enjoy rearing the pets.

Apart from the doors having locks in the first place, you also need to check on the type of locks that are used. The locks should be highly durable if you live in a place where you doubt the security. Someone may steal your precious small animals if you are not careful.

Number of Floors

This is more to do with the compactness of the structure. If you would like to accommodate as many pets as possible in a small structure, then check on the number of floors. It may be small, but with several levels, it will provide enough space for the many pets to stay. The structures I recommend below come with several floors to allow you to have as many pets as possible.

Accessibility of the Pets


You would like to access the pets and inspect them to know whether they are in good health. It can be hard to reach all the pets if you have a structure where it’s hard to reach the inner compartments. Check on the accessibility of all the floors before you proceed to order. If you can buy one of the structures I recommend below, then you will surely be able to access all your pets anytime you need them.

Sturdy Construction

You need a structure which can last long. It will be easy for you to realize value for money if you can go for a structure which has been built to last long. With the careful selection of materials, you can know whether a given hutch will last long or if it will serve only for a short time. Structures made out of treated wood tend to last long. I researched several structures in the market before recommending you the best.

Pet Safety

Use of paint and materials should conform to the pet safety stands. It is upon you to check whether the structures adhere to the pet safety standards before you proceed to place an order. From my research, the products I recommend later in this post are all safe. They have been passed through safety checks to ensure they are all safe for the pets to enjoy living in them. Your safety also matters; always go for products which are tested to assure your family members excellent safety as they play with the pets.

Pet safety should be looked at from different angles. First, the materials used for the hutch such as the paint, should not be toxic. I had to check on the type of paint applied on the different hutches before coming up with a list of the best products. The paint should be friendly to human beings as well. Remember I spend most of the time interacting with my favorite pets. Having paint which can cause problems to my family members is an issue I take seriously.

The structure should not have short edges which can pierce the pets. I was careful to ensure that structures which come with metal parts do not have protruding edges. The manufactures took time to come up with the right structures which work very well in assuring my pets the safety they deserve.

Easy to Assemble

The time to assemble the structures also matters. Try to go for a structure you can easily assemble. Some hutches even come fully assembled from the beginning.

Easy to Clean

For healthy pets, high level of hygiene is essential. I had to test different structures and ensure they are easy to clean. For instance, you need to check on the surfaces of the floors and ensure they do not attract hard stains. Structures with floors made out of smooth structures which resist stubborn stains tend to work well in assuring pet lovers high level of hygiene.

How Many Times Should You Clean an Outdoor Hutch?

I clean mine like every other day. It depends on the state of the structure, if you keep several animals, then you may have to spend more time cleaning the structure.

The type of bedding you use also matters. If the bedding are not highly absorbent, you may have to do more work. I use bedding with high absorbency as well as high rate of odor elimination. They serve me very well as they can manage the odor and the urine for long. I’m happy when the pets are happy hence I was careful to look for structures and bedding materials created to make it easy when cleaning.

If you want to know more about the bedding I use and recommend for my guinea pigs, read this post next.

Top 3 Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches

Now that we have been through what you should look for when it comes to getting the best outdoor hutch for your furry little pals. What follows below is my list of top recommended guinea pig outdoor hutches ranked from best to okay.

1. Trixie Natura Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch With Sloped Roof

This is a very versatile outdoor hutch. I had to place Trixie Natura hutch in position one due to its excellent construction! It comes with a weatherproof roof, versatile design to allow both indoor and outdoor guinea pig raring. Other features which make it beat the rest in this list are the fact that it comes in a pet-friendly design. The wood used makes me feel I keep the pets as close to nature as possible.

It provides enough space to allow me to keep several pets comfortably. Protection against predators is taken to another level due to the remarkable design of the hutch. The large structure allows the pets to play, relax, and sleep comfortably. I do not worry about the reproduction of the pets; there is enough space to enable them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Here Are Some of the Versatile Functions of This Hutch:

  • A ramp so your pets can run up and down between the two floors
  • Removable room divider upstairs
  • Doors that open straight out making it very easy to access your pets
  • Button to control access to the ramp
  • Steel mesh for better air circulation
  • Pull-out tray for easy clean

If you’re interested in learning more about the Trixie Natura hutch, you can do so on Amazon here.

2. Advantek Stilt House Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch with Outdoor Run

This is a practical outdoor hutch which works indoors as well. With the waterproof construction, it is a highly reliable cage, which makes my work very easy when keeping pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

Stairs allow the animals to enjoy running up and down the structure. Removable trays make the process of cleaning the construction very easy. The waterproof design avoids the risk of infection to the pets due to exposure to moisture. Plastic trays are very easy to clean. The sturdy construction assures me long life. If you are after a hutch which can save you money in the long run, most Trixie hutches are the best deals.

Apart from playing as a secure structure for keeping the guinea pigs, it is also a structure where you can keep other pets such as rabbits and even poultry. It is a versatile structure built to assure you of the best performance when keeping small animals outdoors. The removable trays slide easily to allow you to remove and clean them.

Here Are Some of the Versatile Functions of This Hutch:

  • A ramp so your pets can run up and down between the two floors
  • Doors that open straight out making it very easy to access your pets
  • Pull-out tray for easy clean
  • Steel mesh for better air circulation
  • A LOT of space

If you’re interested in learning more about the Trixi small animal hutch, you can do so on Amazon here.

3. Aleko Wooden Small Pet Hutch

This cage comes in the right size to accommodate small animals. It is ideal for both guinea pigs as well as rabbits. I was attracted to the structure due to the use of durable asphalt roof.

With four lockable doors, it keeps the pets secure. I do not have to worry about the safety of the pets. Easy to assemble designs make this the best cage for beginners. Supposedly most customers assemble this cage within 20-30 minutes. There are no technical skills required to assemble the cage.

Here Are Some of the Versatile Functions of This Hutch:

  • A ramp so your pets can run up and down between the two floors
  • Doors that open straight out making it very easy to access your pets
  • Button to control access to the ramp
  • Steel mesh for better air circulation
  • Pull-out tray for easy clean

If you’re interested in learning more about this hutch, you can do so on Amazon here.

Related Questions

Is it necessary to buy a plastic guinea pig hutch?

Plastic is among the most highly reliable materials for the structures. They are weatherproof and can offer your pets the perfect protection against cold. It is also easy to clean plastic as opposed to other types of materials which tend to be stuck.

Can a rabbit hutch work for guinea pigs?

Rabbits and guinea pigs are both small animals and they have more or less similar requirements when it comes to constructing their houses. You will find some manufacturers making structures which can accommodate different types of small animals. All the hutches that I’ve included in my list above works for both rabbits and guinea pigs.

Which is the most easy-to-clean guinea pig hutch?

You need to check on the surfaces of the trays. A structure with removable trays which are made out of smooth materials is easy to clean. In most cases, plastic structures tend to be easy to clean. After taking into consideration different factors, I realized that the Trixie Hutches is easiest to clean due to their removable trays. The trays come out with all dirt from where you can easily clean them.

Which is the best predator proof guinea pig hutch?

The Trixie Natura hutch (first in the list above) offers the best protection against predators. With locking doors and sturdy construction, you can be sure of keeping your pets safe at all times. It is built to prevent the entry of almost all predators known to affect guinea pigs.



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