Why Is My Sugar Glider So Hyper? {7 Reasons Why}

Some sugar gliders are way to energetic while others may seem slow or aloof. Why is my sugar glider so hyper?

Did we do something wrong? Should we be so quick to blame ourselves or think that our sugar glider cannot be calmed?

In this article, we will try to explain the reasons why your sugar glider could be so hyper and how to settle them down.

Why Is My Sugar Glider So Hyper?

A sugar glider that is in the early stages of bonding with you can experience hyperactivity that is more rambunctious than normal. Expect your sugar glider to slow down after several weeks of being in your care.

If the hyperactivity continues throughout the months, make sure they are getting enough rest during the day to remain after that night.

Also ensure that their enclosure is large enough for them to feel comfortable, spacious with plenty of things to do such as chew toys and multiple levels to explore.

No two sugar gliders are the same. You may have a particular marsupial that is going to just be more hyperactive than others.

How Do I Help My Hyperactive Sugar Glider Calm Down?

Your sugar glider needs your patience when you first bring them to your home. Following that, what we notice is that our soothing voice assures them that it’s okay.

We repeat, “It’s ok” over and over again. It takes time, but our gentle tone and soothing reassurance is associated with comfort and trust.

After a few periods of hand-feeding, we were able to make gentle touches. We coupled that with our soothing voice and kept assuring that the environment is safe.

Above all that, once our sugar glider was able to realize that the enclosure, including the pouch inside along with chew toys, food and water receptacles where all his, he started to relax.

When he was barking, I used the tips in this article.

Is a Hyper Sugar Gliders Stressed?

It’s unfortunate that you’re having a hard time with a hyperactive sugar glider. Sometimes this is just their nature to become more rambunctious or energetic than others.

I cannot compare my sugar glider with yours. I can only tell you that if your sugar glider is stressed, you will notice other symptoms such as:

  • loss of appetite
  • excessive eating
  • excessive sleeping
  • over grooming
  • circling the cage
  • curled tail

In many cases with hyper sugar gliders, their enclosure is just too small. Make sure they have enough room in there to explore various heights and interact with chew toys or possibly another companion sugar glider.

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7 Reasons Why a Sugar Glider Is Hyper

In our experience, when we have tried switching out of sugar glider’s enclosure to a larger one, we noticed that the hyperactivity did not decrease. It actually did the opposite.

  1. Sometimes the cage that is too large or too small can also encourage hyperactivity.
  2. There can also be too much stimuli inside and outside of the enclosure.
  3. Lights that are always on, noise or high traffic areas can lead to this type of energetic or hyperactive response.
  4. Make sure there are no pets that are lurking nearby or running past the enclosure too often. We keep our dog out of the room where are sugar glider is located for this reason.
  5. High fatty treat such as mealworms can also help a sugar glider who is hyper to feel full, sleepy and relaxed.
  6. Food that is always available day and night could keep your sugar glider very active as they continuously stay alert. Food has to be unavailable for long periods of time so they can decide to rest and relax instead.
  7. Extra stimulation exercise outside of the enclosure is also recommended in a safe spot.

We have a room that doesn’t have any electrical wires where we allow how a sugar glider to play for supervise periods throughout the day.


Our experience and yours can be quite different when caring for unique behaviors of sugar gliders. We hope the ways to calm them and the possible reasons why your sugar glider is hyper explained in this article can provide you with some support and strategies moving forward. Don’t give up just yet. You got this!


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