How Long Can Sugar Gliders Be Left Alone? {3 Things You Need}

Leaving my sugar gliders alone was a hard decision to make. How long can sugar gliders be left alone depends on a multitude of factors.

Is your sugar glider alone? How many sugar gliders do you have?

In this article, I’ll explain to the best of my ability, how long sugar gliders can be left alone.

How Long Can Sugar Gliders Be Left Alone?

My two sugar gliders have been left alone for two days. I set up extra water bottles. I also left a dry meal mixture that included dried fruits and vegetables.

In all likelihood, they will live as long as they have access to food and water. Make sure they can’t tip the bowl containing their meal over or otherwise block access to it.

Every day, my sister-in-law came over to change their food and water, put out food, and gave me an update. I’ll explain more about this story below.

Can You Leave Your Sugar Glider Alone?

Sugar Gliders can experience severe depression to the point that they stop eating and in really extreme situations, start hurting themselves.

Your sugar glider may be left alone for a few days as long as:

  1. he or she is getting enough to eat and drink.
  2. is entertained with a large number of toys.
  3. is checked on at least once each day.

How Long Can Sugar Gliders Stay Alone?

This response is very dependent on the relationship between you and your sugar glider as well as their individual personality. A single sugar glider that is being cared for will quickly become reliant on you as the owner for their every need.

Because their relationship with everyone else in their life will be limited to their owner, they will have no basis for comparison. It is possible that a sugar glider will do better with a companion or two, although this is not always the case.

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Should I Bring My Sugar Glider With Me?

There is an easy fix if you work a lot and have a job that prevents you from being at home. Many sugar glider owners take a travel cage with them everywhere they go to transfer their pets.

In order to allow them to sleep throughout the day, some owners may place them in a travel pouch.

If you frequently leave them alone at home, you may know they’re unhappy if:

  • they’re not eating
  • not eliminating frequently
  • not acting energetically

If they stop eating or drinking, you should be concerned since this might result in death. Keep in mind that they need at least 2 hours of daily physical activity and connection.

Can Sugar Gliders Die Of Loneliness?

No, but it’s challenging to respond to this because it depends on how abandoned sugar gliders may feel. They will become depressed if you don’t offer them enough time to stay joyful and engaged.

As gliders are marsupials, they require the warmth and comfort of their mother’s pouch. If you need to travel frequently, packing them into a little pouch that you carry about will become regular to them.

Sugar gliders may pass away from depression related symptoms like not eating or drinking rather than from loneliness.

Can Sugar Gliders Live Alone?

Yes, but sugar gliders tend to congregate in groups of at least ten and share a single nest when they are in their natural habitat. They feel more secure living in a huge colony.

A sugar glider that is brought up by itself is going to lose out on the necessary socialization with other sugar gliders the vast majority of the time.

You would need to be in close proximity to  your pocket pet at all times, given that there are sufficient daily activities and interactions to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Because of this, it is important that you form a strong attachment with your sugar glider right from the start. Handle them for a number of hours so that they may become accustomed to both you and your smell. This can take anything from a few days to a couple of months.

Can Sugar Gliders Be Left Alone for a Weekend?

My brother, husband and I had to go to a wedding not too long ago and we needed someone to care for our sugar gliders. Unfortunately, this was much harder to do than expected.

Without human companionship, we knew that there was a risk of these sugars getting depressed as they have bonded closely with us. We were able to get a neighbor to come to our house and take out some food we had left in the fridge and freezer along with a dry food mix of mainly dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

We returned after 3 days and they were fine. A single sugar glider alone would have much more trouble handling time away from bonded humans. The best thing in my opinion is to take a single sugar glider with you and stay connected on road trips or days out.


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