Can Guinea Pigs Drink From A Bowl?

Are you thinking to replace your water bottle with a bowl in your guinea pig cage and are wondering Can Guinea Pigs Drink From a Bowl?

Is it a good idea to replace the water bottle?

Below I will cover everything you need to know

Can Guinea Pigs Drink From A Bowl?

Guinea pigs can safely drink from a bowl, they will typically drink more water from a bowl because it is easier to drink from compared to a water bottle.

There are benefits and drawbacks to giving your guinea pig water in a bowl instead of from a water bottle. If you have more than one guinea pig, a bowl will allow for sharing.

One guinea pig won’t have to wait in line while the other drinks from the water bottle. The drawbacks are that water bowls can easily become contaminated.

Guinea pigs are very messy eaters and drinkers. They often get food in their water bowls. But they might also poo in them, or faeces could find its way into their water bowls, by either falling in or getting blown in by the wind.

There is also the problem of dirt, straw and fur getting into the water.

Grass might also get blown into the water bowl. They require constant cleaning and refilling, especially if your guinea pig spills a lot of water, or tips the bowl over.

You might find it easier to just stick with a water bottle.

Is It Safe For Guinea Pigs To Drink From A Bowl?

If you do decide to go down the water bowl route, don’t fret, they are safe, so long as you clean them out every time they get dirty.

That means whenever they get lots of food in them, and any time you find faeces in the water.

You should also change the water in the bowl if it smells of urine, and is discoloured. As long as you keep the water clean, your guinea pigs will be happy and healthy, and enjoy drinking from their little water bowl.

What Are The Benefits To Drinking From A Bowl?

A water bowl requires less hard work for a guinea pig than drinking from a bottle. Because a guinea pig has to suck the water out of a bottle, this uses more energy, requiring more exertion.

Your guinea pig will probably end up drinking less because it is such hard work to get the water out of the bottle.

You can always make this easier, however, by adjusting the opening of the bottle so that water comes out a little quicker. This, however, can mean that the water comes out too fast for your guinea pig, and they might cough or splutter.

A bowl is good because it allows your guinea pig to regulate and control how much it drinks. If you have a water bottle, find the right setting for your guinea pig.

If you do decide to get a water bowl, buy one that doesn’t tip over. Guinea pigs are known to walk, or stand on bowls, easily tipping them and the water all over their cages.

How Do I Get My Guinea Pig To Drink From A Bowl?

If your guinea pig prefers to drink from a bottle, and there is no good reason why they should not continue to, then there is no need to force them, or try to persuade them to use a bowl.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes.

Your pet guinea pig is probably quite content to drink from a water bottle. If they are having trouble because the water is coming out too slow, or too fast, you can always adjust this.

If, on the other hand, you think a bowl would be a better option for your guinea pig, place one in their cage, but leave the water bottle in there, so that they have a choice.

If your guinea pig finds the water bowl easier to drink from, it will choose that over the bottle.

If it sticks to the good old trusty water bottle, then you can remove the bowl. If you still want your guinea pig to drink from a bowl, you could take the water bottle out altogether.

If guinea pigs are thirsty, and they see water, they will drink it. If they don’t drink from the bowl, though, you will have to put the water bottle to the cage.

Do Guinea Pigs Prefer Water Bottles Or Bowls?

That all depends on the guinea pig. Drinking from a water bowl is similar to drinking from their mother’s teats, so guinea pigs might prefer water bottles for this reason.

If they have been drinking from water bottles for a long time, they will be used to them, and it can be harder to get them to drink from a water bowl.

If you introduce a water bowl into their cage from a young age, they will be more used to them, and will prefer the bowl to the bottle.
Guinea pigs will drink from any source if they are thirsty. The water in a bottle is cleaner.

Guinea pigs might just prefer bottles for this reason. Most guinea pigs are not going to be too fussy.

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Orange Juice?

A guinea pig is not going to be interested in drinking a glass of orange juice. We do not need to humanize their taste buds or preferences in relation to ours. We keep it simple with our guinea pigs.

We know that they like treats such as a wedge or two of oranges. The oranges we give them are fresh and bought directly from a local store.

The orange juice in question could be derived from concentrate and may contain plenty of added sugars. These additives or sugars could be very harmful for guinea pigs.

If you would like to try and offer freshly squeezed orange juice diluted with water, your guinea pig may lap it up. The choice is yours, but guinea pigs would most likely prefer the wedge of orange instead.

What Can Guinea Pigs Drink Besides Water?

A guinea pig could get picky about what they are eating, but not about the liquids they are consuming. We tend to enjoy the flavors associated with liquids and consider it a pleasure along with many other foods in our diet. Guinea pigs don’t look at liquids this way.

They hydrate themselves with water and need nothing more. Any other drink is sure to contain natural or artificial levels of sugar, salt, calories or additives.

None of these are needed for guinea pigs and giving them anything else but water is totally unnecessary. Stick to fresh, clean water and keep the supply limitless for your guinea pigs to remain hydrated throughout the day and night.

If you finding that your guinea pig is not drinking enough water, please take a look at this article to find what it means and what you can do. 

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Anything Besides Water?

It isn’t a good idea to give your guinea pig any drink other than water. When they are young, guinea pigs will drink from their mother’s milk. But when they are old enough, they will drink water.

If your guinea pig has a vitamin c deficiency you can give it some fruit juice, from freshly squeezed fruit, heavily diluted in water.

Never give your guinea pig cow’s milk, tea or coffee, or sugary store-bought drinks. It should go without saying, but do not give them alcohol. It is best to just stick to old fashioned water.

Guinea pigs are not fussy. They won’t be upset that they are missing on champagne. Water is clean, healthy, and refreshing.

As long as you keep bowls and bottles clean your guinea pig will be happy and hydrated.


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