Can Gerbils Eat Guinea Pig Food? {Safe For Them To Eat?}

The issue of feeding and feeding habits is one of the most common debates among various pet owners.

If Gerbils can eat Guinea pig’s food is a question you might have stumbled on many times, especially if you are a lover of these rat-like pets. 

Can Gerbils Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Yes, gerbils can eat guinea pig food because the nutrient contents should be similar, How ever gerbils can’t eat particular foods like pellets and muesli made for guinea pigs because they have different nutritional requirements.

Although Gerbils and guinea pigs share certain vegetables and fruits in common, it doesn’t mean they share entirely the same diet.

To have Gerbils and Guinea pigs as pets is desirable because they are both cute and full of life. They are mostly white, black, or gold, and their food is easy to get.

All you need to do is provide them with a comfortable and clean home, feed them properly, and eliminate anything that might appear to them as threats.

Do They Like Guinea Pig Food?

Gerbils and guinea pigs are similar in terms of characteristics, including certain aspects of their feeding. First off, it is essential to clarify that these two pets differ slightly in their nutritional requirements.

Gerbils might not like the special foods made for guinea pigs because it does not contain all their essential nutrient requirements.

Guinea pigs love varieties of fruits such as melons, apples, oranges, and pears. They happily eat various vegetables too.

Gerbils love to eat these vegetables and fruits as well, and it supplies them with different essential diets.

However, 70-80% of Guinea pigs’ dietary needs are derived from fresh green hay, while Gerbils don’t eat hays. Gerbils obtain their balanced diet from herbs, seeds of various grasses, and a range of leaves.

Therefore, Gerbils will not get enough satisfaction and dietary requirements from eating Guinea pig’s food.

Can They Become Sick Or Die Eating Guinea Pig Food?

Some pet lovers are usually tempted to feed Gerbils with Guinea pig’s food because they cannot ascertain the outcome. Some will even go as far as forcing the Gerbils because they are left with no option.

Guinea pig’s foods might not be a direct poison to Gerbils, but it can still cause specific harm. They can grow sick over time because the nutritional requirements of the two pets are not the same.

You might be omitting the vital nutrient requirements for the Gerbils if you keep feeding them with Guinea pig’s food.

If you don’t feed Gerbils with the right diet, they might end up growing sick. They can also become vulnerable to various illnesses due to a weakened system.

Similarly, there are some Guinea pig’s food that Gerbils cannot eat at all. If you continuously feed them these foods, they might starve; hence, complicating their health wellness.

Can I Feed Gerbils Guinea Pig Pellets?

It would be best not to feed Gerbils with Guinea pig’s pellets because they don’t have the same nutritional requirements. Likewise, they won’t offer Gerbils the necessary diet needed for their healthy growth and general living.

Guinea pig’s pellets are specially formulated for them based on their nutritional requirement.

For instance, Guinea pig’s pellet or muesli is high in vitamin C, which not an essential nutrient for Gerbils. The Guinea pig pellets will, in turn, omit other vital nutrients in the Gerbils’ growth.


Gerbils and Guinea pigs are both cute creatures that are suitable as home pets. Keeping them under proper conditions and feeding them adequately will ensure their optimal growth.

Although they both share certain fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t mean they have a similar nutritional requirement.

Therefore, it is not advisable to feed Gerbils with Guinea pig’s food. If you do, you would be depriving them of certain essential nutrients that they need to grow.


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