Do Skinks Have Teeth? {Would A Bite Hurt?}

My skink bit me. Do you think it hurt? Do skinks have teeth?

Am I supposed to clean them? How many teeth are there? How do skinks use their teeth? Are they sharp?

There is so much to answer about skink teeth that it deserves its own article right here.

Do Skinks Have Teeth?

Yes. Skinks have fine, pointed teeth that cut into the flesh of their prey. Even in the wild, skinks are quite tame and only sometimes bite people when they are mishandled by a human or picked up when they are not ready.

During hunting, skinks are dependent entirely on the motion of the prey they pursue. While on the hunt, skinks will either stay hidden and wait for their prey to come to them, or they may aggressively pursue it.

After successfully capturing their victim, they give it a good shake with their powerful jaws and razor-like teeth to ensure that it is dead before consuming it in its entirety.

How Many Teeth Does A Skink Have?

Different varieties of skinks have varied numbers and sizes of teeth ranging from:

  • blunt
  • pegged
  • razor sharp
  • cylindrical
  • flattened

Juvenile ground skinks have an average of:

  • 9.2 premaxilla teeth
  • 37.1 maxilla teeth
  • 43.0 dentary teeth

Adult garden skinks have:

  • 9.6 premaxilla teeth
  •  41.6 maxilla teeth
  • 49.2 dentary teeth 

On average they have around 40-50 tiny teeth that are attached to their jawbone, but since they are so little, it is difficult to detect them with the human eye.

Do Blue Tongued Skinks Have Teeth?

Yes. The powerful teeth and jaw muscles of blue-tongued skinks allow them to crush the food they eat. They are even capable of breaking through the shell of a snail.

They are capable of biting, but their teeth are designed more for crushing than ripping. If they do bite you, they will likely only graze your skin rather than break it.

In rare cases that they do bite you, there is a very little possibility that they will cause more than minimal bleeding from your finger.

Do Skinks Lose Their Teeth?

No. They shouldn’t lose their teeth. Skink teeth do not fall out or get replaced. The teeth of a skink remain the same from the time it hatches until it dies.

Their teeth are really connected to their jaw bone, so even though they will enlarge, they cannot fall out. There is a danger that the skinks’ teeth might shatter if they engage in combat or attempt to tear apart food.

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YouTube video

Should I Clean My Skink’s Teeth?

Yes. Although I posted a video above of skinks getting their teeth brushed, this is not a normal action taken by most owners of skinks.

  • I do not brush my skink’s teeth. Instead, I use a cotton ball that is slightly damp.
  • I gently rub it around the teeth to make sure there isn’t a buildup of plaque or tartar.
  • I do this about 2 times a week and it takes me about 5-10 seconds each time.

It’s really a bonding experience as long as you’re gentle and not rushing.

Why Does My Skink Have Teeth Missing?

Some reasons for skink losing their teeth by accident are as follows:

  • Battling with other skinks
  • Biting hard food or objects

The best course of action if you find that your pet skink is struggling to eat to think about giving your pet skink food that is much softer and sliced into manageable bits so that your reptile doesn’t have to chew as much.

Are Skink Teeth Sharp?

Yes. Skinks have tiny teeth, but they are still quite sharp in order to quickly slice through smaller prey. If you own a skink as a pet, you could be concerned about what would happen if it bit you.

The skink still has around 40 sharp, raised teeth that cut like a saw when it chews.

Keep in mind not to give your pet skink anything that is too tough to eat. The sharp teeth can still break if it bites down on something that is too difficult for them to eat.

I have been bitten by my blue tongued skink. I used disinfectant after washing the tiny wound. It barely bled. A bandage around the wound was all I needed for a couple of hours and the slight stinging feeling went away fairly quickly.

How dangerous are skinks? Let’s evaluate this together right now if you have a moment.

Will Skink Bites Hurt?

Not much. Skinks are generally calm and won’t bite people if you pick them up gently without startling them. There is a little possibility that they could bite if they are in distress.

It’s doubtful that they will puncture the skin since human skin is so thick. If they were to bite the tip of your little pinky, it may sting a little.

They won’t necessarily puncture human skin with their teeth, but they won’t have any trouble eating little insects.

The older they get, the duller the teeth become. They could lose up to 95% of their sharpness over the coming years.


I enjoy writing about skinks because I love taking care of my blue-tongued pocket pet. I learned the hard way about whether or not they have teeth. The answer is, yes!

I got grazed by my skink in the first couple of weeks because of trying to rush the adjustment process to life in his new enclosure. Move slowly and enjoy this docile creature who doesn’t want to bite you.

The teeth are sharp, but they get dull throughout the course of their lives. Baby skinks have teeth too, but they are so small that you can’t even detect them.

These teeth are meant to crush prey along with their powerful jaws. Never be concerned about poison or venom. There is nothing toxic about skinks or their bites.


Thank you for visiting for the best information to help you enjoy the life of your pocket pet companion in a fun, safe & healthy way.


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