Do Bearded Dragons Poop During Brumation? {How Often?}

My bearded dragon enters brumation, or winter hibernation, during the colder months. He will become less active at this period.

Do bearded dragons poop during brumation? How often should you expect to see your beardie’s feces at this time?

In this article, we’ll discuss what to do, what to notice and figure out if these beardies poop during brumation.

Do Bearded Dragons Poop During Brumation?

Yes. Reptiles won’t eat or poo much while they are in brumation, although they frequently wake up to sip water.

Bearded dragons are one of the reptiles in captivity that are most likely to brumate. There is a good likelihood that your pet will go through this period of rest.

Even while in brumation, my bearded dragon still poops a little. However, compared to when he is more active, his bowel motions will occur less often.

How Often Do Bearded Dragons Poop In Brumation?

The digestive system of my bearded dragon slows down during brumation and he only defecates once per week or so.

Don’t be alarmed if your bearded dragon is brumating and hasn’t pooped in a while. This is very natural.

Just be careful to examine their stool every so often to make sure they are soft and not firm, since any of these conditions might indicate constipation.

What Do Bearded Dragons Do During Brumation?

The colder months of the year are when bearded dragons often brumate (hibernate). They will slow down their metabolism and spend the most of their time:

  • Basking in the sun
  • Remaining warm
  • Sleeping
  • Eating or drink very little
  • Not pooping as often
  • Becoming sluggish 
  • Seeking out hiding spots
  • Burrowing

Bearded dragons normally only defecate as little as once every several weeks when they are brumating. It’s crucial to provide your pet bearded dragon lots of food and water, as well as a clean habitat.

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Is It Ok for Bearded Dragons to Not Poop During Brumation?

Bearded dragon metabolisms slows down, they stop eating, and they may spend weeks without going potty. Although this could appear alarming, it is really very typical.

Even though they may defecate less regularly, bearded dragons nonetheless generate a healthy quantity of feces throughout this time.

The poop is different in that it is drier and more compacted than usual.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Pooping?

Your bearded dragon may not be pooping because of two main reasons:

  1. Impaction (constipation)
  2. Brumation


Constipation results when a bearded dragon is dehydrated or eating too many fatty foods like mealworms or superworms.

Reduce the quantity of worms or switch to crickets and roaches while focusing more on hydrating leafy greens.

Parasites are also a cause of impaction in some cases. Prolonged impaction could lead to illness and needs medical treatment.

2. Brumation

In brumation, a type of semi-hibernation, bearded dragons sleep the most of the time but periodically awaken to bask or have a little meal.

Some dragons go through this time, which might last many months, without eating or eliminating much.

Brumation is thought to assist bearded dragons preserve energy while also lowering stress, according to some specialists.

How To Tell When Bearded Dragon Is Going Into Brumation

Not all behaviors of bearded dragons are the same. Some may not brumate at all, but still act a bit more docile or sluggish when the weather is colder.

Other will show these signs when they are about to brumate:

  • spending less time basking
  • moving to a cooler area of the enclosure
  • lack its appetite
  • sleeping  longer 
  • digging to create a nesting area

If you notice these signs and the winter has arrived, your bearded dragon wants to enter brumation.

Do Bearded Dragons Need to Eat During Brumation?

No. Although food should be provided to all bearded dragons once a week when they are in brumation, it is not a huge concern if your pet refuses to eat.

Bearded dragons who are brumating will have less of an appetite and a slower metabolism. Therefore, it is not so important that they nourish their bodies every day.

What Should I do When My Bearded Dragon is in Brumation?

When my bearded dragon begins to brumate, it is typically best that I just leave him alone.

The most important thing to do is to make sure he always has:

  • access to fresh water as usual
  • a clean cage
  • hiding spaces

Taking care of a bearded dragon is a bit simpler at this time as they produce less waste.

Do Bearded Dragons Poop Before Brumation?

Yes. My bearded dragon starts to slow down, but he continues to poop regularly until it’s time to enter brumation.

I notice that his feces is a bit harder than usual and less frequent on the days leading up to brumation. This is normal and expected.

It is now time for bearded dragons to possibly go for weeks without eating or drinking at this time. They might therefore, not poop much at this time.


During brumation, bearded dragons will cease eating and excreting. This is a result of their inactivity and lack of appetite.

To understand why their dragons are doing this, we should observe our dragons’ habits.

  • Bearded dragons naturally undergo brumation.
  • Once they have come out of brumation, bearded dragons will resume their normal behaviors. 
  • Bearded dragons do not have to defecate daily.

If my bearded dragon is still consuming a little amount of food, I encourage him to poop by giving him a bath once every 10 to 14 days. During brumation however, I mostly let him relax and enjoy the slumber.


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